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Contractors say county getting overcharged for roof work

Right is Right…
Let me get this straight – a superior product is better than an inferior product. Superior products have superior performance and longevity and may require less maintenance. I get superior service when I buy a superior solution. Eliminating administrative overhead and by leveraging buying power one can reduce unnecessary costs. You get what you pay for. This is all pretty easy to understand.
Oh yeah…don’t forget if you bid $130,000 high on your labor for a roofing job you end up not getting the job (no matter where you live).
I guess all of this is an exercise in obvious – oh and if you don’t get the contract you complain and call foul. I guess that is the AMERICAN way.
By the local contractors thinking, our government should make their selection strictly on cost and “perceived” equivalency. I assume our local contractor would use the same thinking when buying protective armor for our military, safety equipment for police and fire personnel, and water treatment equipment for our community’s water.
Hey, according to our local contractor, everything is apparently equal (well except for his labor which is clearly more expensive for some reason). Warranties do not equal performance. The proof is in the actual performance. The county has established that they prefer performance and service over a short term savings (let’s spend wisely today so we don’t have to spend tomorrow). Well local contractor, I assume you are comfortable working with disposable items as long as you can maximize your labor income – oh and I guess that when your less expensive product fails and it’s time to put the next roof on 12 years from now – I’m sure you’ll be in line to bid your high priced labor again and whining about why you didn’t get the job…or you may want to sharpen your pencil this time.

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