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I had to write a review so the negative one didn't show up first. I have been going here for years and always experienced excellent and honest customer service with a quick turn around time. When I had my old car it burned oil like crazy and they offered a free top off in between my scheduled oil changes. This place is great and it's locally owned so you're supporting the community by giving it your business!

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Tire tracks, ditched cars point to danger on K-10, Eudora business owner says

I hydroplaned there about three years ago while commuting in the rain and ended up in the grass median. I was going considerable slower than the speed limit and was not distracted while driving. When it rains I can still see standing water in this spot and at least once I have seen an officer parked before it to caution people. I agree that most people speed on K10 but this isn't just a case of people driving too fast for conditions, it needs to be fixed.

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School board to review human sexuality curriculum

I'm so glad they are having lessons about contraception methods other than abstinence!!!! Abstinence should be recommended but it is unrealistic to expect all the young women and men to practice that method until marriage. Teens should be taught all their contraception options if they decide they want to have sex. We don't want MTV scouting for '16 and Pregnant' in Lawrence.

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I loooove the UGL. I have never met anyone more committed to teaching/helping you achieve your goals. They are so friendly and knowledgeable and will push you to be your best! I have done other bootcamps and none have even come close to being as good.

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Police finding more evidence of meth, much of it from Mexican cartels, in Lawrence

I hate to break it to you but 214 is not 143 doubled.

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KU student pushing for smoking ban on campus

It’s so annoying in between classes to be walking behind someone who is smoking! I am all for going smoke free. Heck NCY did it in their public parks, I don't see why it would be an issue.

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City has spent $277K on snow removal, nearly triple last year's cost

What is the city's budget for snow removal every year?

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City gives more thought to whether glass ought to be included in proposed curbside recycling program

I hope all the bars around Lawrence will start recycling their glass bottles if the city does end up accepting glass. Throwing all those bottles away is so wasteful!

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Solar panels on the roofs of downtown Lawrence buildings ready to start cranking out electricity

I think this is such a wonderful idea! I hope more building owners downtown install these solar panels!

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40 years after Roe v. Wade, abortion foes march on; many looking to Kansas

lunacydetector, have you ever thought to add up how much money tax payers are dishing out for welfare and other subsidies for these 55 million unwanted children? I'm guessing it’s a lot more than $450 each.

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