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Kansas Biological Survey publication documents vanishing native habitat, suggests preservation steps

Too bad the prairie chicken is extinct in Douglas County. It would be great if the voters of Douglas County would establish a Douglas County Conservation District like the McHenry County (Illinois) Conservation District which was created by voters to preserve open space and natural lands. It is funded by annual tax not to exceed 1/10th of one percent of the assessed valuation of the county.

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City Commission accedes to protesters' demands, signs letters in support of Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

I'm impressed with both letters but a sit-in was not necessary to secure them.

September 7, 2016 at 7:17 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

K-10 Connector to continue service next year, but funding still an issue

Since so many ride the Connector from Johnson County to KU, maybe KU should help pay for the bus if it doesn't already. We don't have a community college so we should help those who need to attend JCCC.

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A look at how much more you could earn by working in Kansas City, and other wage and salary information about Lawrence

Thousands commute to KC and Topeka every day. There just aren't enough good jobs in River City.

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Jill Stein wins slot on Kansas presidential ballot

The last poll I saw had Trump ahead by 17 points in Kansas, so no harm in voting your conscience. Maybe if we lived in one of the 12 swing states, it would be wise to hold one's nose and vote for Clinton. Ralph Nader ran nominally on the Green Party ticket in 2000 and didn't even get 3% of the vote nationally. I don't expect Jill Stein will get any higher. Too bad they will deny her a place in the debates.

As far as I recall, Stein was not on the ballot in Kansas in 2012 but was a write-in candidate.

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City to land Caribbean-themed bar and grill; Reggae Fest tonight in downtown; a rundown of recently approved street events

Lawrence has had at least two Caribbean restaurants and never lasted long. I don't expect this one to last more than two years.

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Bicycle belonging to Dennis Abbott reported stolen

They don't lock bikes in Salida, CO in the Collegiate Peaks Region where I am visiting right now. Guess bikes re-appear if taken.

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The most beautiful place in Kansas is in Lawrence; new numbers show Kansas economy strongest in the region, creating questions for Brownback

I agree Ken. I know several places that are more beautiful than the Baker Wetlands (only 50 acres left that are native wetland prairie):

1. Texaco Hill east of Matfield Green

2. Konza Prairie near Manhattan

3. Signal Oak overlooking the Baldwin Woods right here in Douglas County

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Candidate asks for grand jury probe of Kobach's handling of citizenship documents

The special grand jury can investigate any suspected misconduct by Kobach. The problem is the DA controls the information flow to the jurors which meet in secret. Next, we need one for Koch Industries.

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A look at the $200 million debate that is coming to west Lawrence; Schumm seeks to reverse denial of downtown condo project

Residential development doesn't pay its own way. Industrial development does. If this goes through existing taxpayers will have to pay for a new fire station and new school at the minimum. Sprawl just doesn't work for the benefit of the community.

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