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House Republicans advance tax overhaul; entire Kansas delegation supports it

Senate Minority Leader Schumer said the $2 trillion give-away to fat cats will amount to $17,000 for everyone who makes less than $200,000. The $1.2 trillion plan approved by Obama and then ratified by Trump to "upgrade" the nuclear arsenal (warheads, missiles and delivery systems) over ten years will amount to $15,500 for every person who pays federal income taxes.

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County's chief probation officer off the job for mysterious reasons; county continues to push for criminal justice system reform

Missouri has a law requiring judges to release defendants upon their own personal recognizance unless they are flight risk or danger to others. This would keep a lot out of jail because they can't afford a modest bond.

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Lawrence teen working to address basic problem that local homeless women face

Is it sanitary to reuse pads?

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Lawrence school board wants additional input before renaming South Middle School

I prefer Pelathe as well. Thorpe would be second.

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Tobacco 21 Task Force launches with goal of raising tobacco-purchasing age to 21; public meeting set for Thursday

If you have to be 21 to buy alcohol, why not an equally hazardous product such as tobacco? Douglas County also needs to raise the minimum age to 21 because there are some businesses just outside of the city limits that are likely to begin selling cigarettes. I remember when a friend would buy cigarettes at age 16 from a vending machine in a laundromat.

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State authorizes Lawrence to release up to 30 million gallons of nitrogen-contaminated water into Kansas River

I remember when the City got cited several times by KDHE for dumping pollutants from the City water treatment plant into the river. It took them years to stop doing it. I recall seeing that chalky milky effluent going into the river.

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Plans filed to bring gas station, retail, offices along a portion of the South Lawrence Trafficway

Deborah, Environment Impact Assessments and Statements are only done if there is federal money or land involved. Some cities require them for major projects, but Lawrence doesn't. It should.

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Douglas County Sheriff's Office recommends jail redesign that would more than double number of beds

Gee, 100 new employees will have to be hired to run the addition. Can't they keep more people out of jail by releasing most people on personal recognizance? In MIssouri judges are required to release suspects on personal recognizance unless they are flight risk or potential danger to others. Also, they could use ankle bracelets a lot more.

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Why Kansas can't replicate Maine's Medicaid expansion vote

"In modern times, some states that allow initiatives and referendums have learned to regret it, in part because "the people" who try to use that process to their advantage tend to be the same well-heeled special interest groups who stalk the halls of statehouses but who use the public vote process when traditional legislative efforts are unsuccessful."

Not really true: There are far more progressive initiatives that are approved by voters than those pushed by corporations.

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Lawrence sales tax questions pass overwhelmingly

Due to the cost of driving to Topeka, you have to spend $300 to make it worth your while. The IRS allows a standard mileage deduction of $.54/mile and it is 50 miles round-trip, so you are paying $27 for each trip.

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