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Lawrence Police make quick work of carjacking investigation

Something smells fishy. A drug deal gone wrong?

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Westar Energy ends fees for credit, debit cards

Westar is doing some right things recently:

1. It's proceeding with buying power from the Cedar Bluff Wind Farm in Ness and Trego counties. Te power will be cheaper and cleaner than that produced from coal or even natural gas.

2. It's Green Team is building a 238-foot covered bridge over the Wakarusa River in the Clinton Wildlife Area using a railroad bridge as a platform. This will be the longest covered bridge in the Sunflower State and will become a major attraction on the Landon Nature Trail.

Now, it needs to provide a $5.00 instant rebate for customers who buy LED bulbs and up to $850 for buying an energy-efficient central air conditioning unit. Then customers will be encouraged to reduce their production of carbon dioxide and Westar can avoid building another power plant.

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Westar moves ahead on wind amid debate

Yes, they should be applauded. Wind is actually cheaper now than coal, so it makes sense for them. KCP&L gives customers an instant $5.00 rebate for buying a LED bulb and up to $850 for buying an energy-efficient central AC. Westar Energy should consider doing the same thing.

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US, Cuba patch torn relations in historic accord

Well, people-to-people exchanges arising out of Americans visiting the island by the millions and massive US-Cuba trade will ultimately result in prosperity, freedom and democracy for Cuba. Once the middle class becomes dominant, it will demand freedom and democracy like in South Korea and Taiwan.

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Letter: Mental health issue

This was posted on the J-W website. We could free up jail space and not build an addition if we did more of this:

New court, dental programs to help mentally ill

By Associated Press

Monday, December 15, 2014

Topeka — People with mental illness will be offered two new programs in Topeka beginning in January.

An alternative sentencing court run through the Topeka Municipal Court will allow mentally ill people who committed relatively minor crimes to be released from a jail earlier if they comply with a treatment plan. The program also will offer employment, housing and substance abuse help.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports the second program will provide dental services to the mentally ill who don't have dental insurance.

It's being offered through a partnership between Valeo and Community Health Ministry. Valeo CEO Glea Ashley says many people with mental health disorders have not had routine health care for some time and have more advanced problems.

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Your Turn: Elected mayor might benefit Lawrence

If I recall correctly, voters elected the mayor and 12 councilmen (by district) in the 1930s, but the Chamber of Commerce couldn't control them, so it got the voters to change it to a weak nonelected mayor/commission form of government.

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Gas prices fall more than 40 cents since November; Lawrence fuel prices lower than state average

I remember when it was down to $1.34 in Jan. 2009 during the Great Recession.

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Jenkins says conservatives won in $1.1 trillion spending bill

She is clearly anti-Kansan. She wants Kansans to boat and fish in polluted water; suffer from another bank-induced Great Recession; die prematurely (or go bankrupt) because of lack of affordable health care; and have Kansas children suffer from the ills of obesity. She clearly doesn't represent the average Kansan!

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Gas prices fall more than 40 cents since November; Lawrence fuel prices lower than state average

Why are gas prices always a lot cheaper in Kansas City? For example, Regular is only $2.17 at a BP station in Shawnee. Maybe there's a little informal price-fixing going on here in town?

I don't believe we are producing enough oil for our domestic needs despite what is said. It would be foolish to allow exports of oil at this point as some want.

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County receives briefing on mechanism to fund jail expansion

The Douglas County Jail is just 15 years old, but is already full, so a proposal has been made to spend up to $30 million for an addition. The problem is judges often fill new jails if space is available, so soon the jail will be full again. However, there are at least four things that can be done to free up space in the existing jail:

1. Direct police officers and deputies to issue summons to appear for nonviolent misdemeanors instead of arresting offenders and putting them in jail where they may languish due to lack of bail bond money.

2. Request that Douglas County judges grant Personal Recognizance instead of requiring bail bonds for nonviolent offenders who are likely to appear in court and not re-offend while free.

3. Request that Douglas County judges order more Community Service instead of jail time.

4. Establish Pretrial Release, a county-funded program that gets offenders out of jail and keeps tabs on offenders using things like ankle bracelets, phone calls and drug testing.

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