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Longtime Massachusetts Street restaurant closes; local baker semifinalist for James Beard award

Darn, I went regularly to Ingredient and tried to go there the other night, but it was closed. I thought they provided really good food. I'm not surprised the gelato place closed. Not only was it not on ground level but the product wasn't that good, the portions were small and it was a little costly. Certainly not as good as gelato in Italy or even Talenti in supermarkets.

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Lawrence leaders propose using part of city sales tax collected on groceries to help the poor

Maybe give gift cards to Checkers to the very poor (those below the poverty line).

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As voters consider $44M expansion, report finds some changes could reduce overcrowding at Douglas County jail

"Rocket Docket and Quick Dip are good ideas. There are many ways to reduce the jail population, but according to Commissioner Nancy Thellman, it wouldn't be enough. There would still be a shortage of cells.

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Lawrence police say 1 arrested in largely peaceful flag protest

For some, the flag is a symbol of freedom and liberty, our common home and all values we hold dear. For others it symbolizes oppression and imperialism. In 1989 the US Supreme Court ruled that burning the flag is protected speech under the First Amendment.

The Confederate flag today symbolizes racial hatred and white supremacy. Nothing wrong with burning that flag.

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Lawrence Memorial Hospital has $100M plan to expand, including major facility in west Lawrence

No wonder they charge so much considering they are a nonprofit municipal hospital. The wife of a friend had a boil on the neck lanced in ER and was charged $3,000 for a 10-minute procedure.

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City wants more parking for mixed-use downtown grocery store

No loan should be given to the developers by the City but an Industrial Revenue Bond can be issued. See this from Wikipedia:

An IRB differs from traditional government revenue bonds, as the bonds are issued on behalf of a private sector business. IRBs are typically used to support a specific project, such as a new manufacturing facility.

The bond issue is created and organized by a sponsoring government, with the proceeds used by the private business. The business is responsible for bond repayment. The sponsoring government holds title to the underlying collateral until the bonds are paid in full. In some cases, this arrangement may provide a federal tax exempt status to the bonds, and many times a property tax exemption on the collateral. The sponsoring government is not responsible for bond repayment and the bonds do not affect the government’s credit rating. IRBs are desired as the private business receives a lower interest rate (due to the bonds tax-exempt status), a property tax exemption, and a long-term, fixed rate financing package. [1]

Bond proceeds may be used for a variety of purposes, including land acquisition, building construction, machinery and equipment, real estate development fees, and the cost of bond issuance.[2]

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Douglas County commissioners confident of voter buy-in on jail expansion plan

I still don't get it. The County is spending $1.3 million/year on farming out prisoners but the jail addition would cost over $6 million/year to operate because they would have to pay nearly 100 new employees. Wouldn't it be cheaper to continue farming them out?

I still don't think they are doing enough to keep people out of jail.This would include (1) releasing defendants prior trial on their own personal recognizance if they are not a flight risk or danger to others or likely to re-offend before trial; (2) expanding the diversion program where those who admit guilt are not prosecuted if they they stay out of trouble and complete a drug/alcohol treatment program, perform community service and pay restitution;and, (3) sentencing more offenders to community service and paying restitution.

The problem is if a jail addition is built, the judges will fill it.

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Douglas County commissioners confident of voter buy-in on jail expansion plan

It doesn't make economic sense. We are spending $1.3 million annually on farming out prisoners but the jail addition would cost $6+ million extra to operate. Why not continue farming them out?

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The top Uber destination in Kansas is in Lawrence; here's a hint, it serves beer

Doesn't mean a thing. Very few trips are made by Uber. The number one destination in the state is Mass. St. In San Francisco only 15% of all vehicle trips are made by Uber or Lyft. It would be lower here.

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Man ordered to pay back Waxman Candles for windows he broke

Wait, do I understand this correctly? He languished in jail for 11 months for breaking two windows? That's why the judicial system is broken locally and they want to build a jail addition.

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