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A look at the $200 million debate that is coming to west Lawrence; Schumm seeks to reverse denial of downtown condo project

Residential development doesn't pay its own way. Industrial development does. If this goes through existing taxpayers will have to pay for a new fire station and new school at the minimum. Sprawl just doesn't work for the benefit of the community.

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Kansas Federation of College Republicans adopts resolution opposing death penalty

On April 19, 2013, I published a letter-to-the editor in the J-W which concluded:

"One day the US Supreme Court will rule that the death penalty constitutes cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eight Amendment. And that day may come sooner than we think."

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Consultants to present city's Cultural Plan, survey results at commission meeting

Another recent survey showed that Lawrence residents ranked the arts as last in priorities for the City. But man can't live on streets in good repair alone. He needs parks and recreation and the arts.

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The latest proposal for a multistory Vermont St. building and plans for luxury condos; NAACP urges minority representation in vacant city seat; Kasold lane-reduction discussion delayed

As far as I know there has never been a Black city commissioner since the current city manager/city commission form of government was established in the 1950s. However, there were Black city councilmen in the 1800s including Green Keith who was elected c.1875 from a majority-Black ward in eastern North Lawrence.

However, Blacks are routinely elected to the school board and Barbara Ballard has been state rep for years.

There also has never been an Asian-American, Latino or American Indian commissioner as far as I know. Hum, you would think that after 60 years with this form of government we would have elected a minority by now. There have been at least three gay commissioners.

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Sloan: Clean Power Plan leaves gaps for states and utilities to fill

Over 21% of the electricity consumed in Kansas comes from renewable sources including the new hydro plant on the Kaw River. It shouldn't be hard to get that up to 35%.

Now, the Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant is 30 years old and ageing fast. The cooling pipes are becoming corroded and the reactor vessel itself is becoming embrittled. Plus, the cooling pools are filling fast with highly radioactive spent fuel rods. What does this mean?

A. The probability of a nuclear meltdown is growing day by day (especially nationwide).

B. The cost of refurbishing the plant will be a heavy burden on ratepayers (including Westar customers).

It should be decommissioned but that would require building new gas-fired plants to replace the power generated by Wolf Creek.

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Topeka to consider banning public nudity

On the Dutch West Indies island state of Saba, it is illegal for men to go around topless. I don't know about making that illegal, but the practice does seem rather off-putting.

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Lawrence City Commission to act next week on naming mayor, filling vacant seat

I wish former City Commissioner Dennis Constance would put his hat in the ring. He was by far the most Progressive and forceful commissioner we have had in the last 50 years. Nancy Shontz was very Progressive but wasn't very forceful. I want commissioners who forcefully advocate for Progressive programs. Most commissioners just sit back and let the city manager control the agenda. They don't propose innovative programs and projects.

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Lawrence residents look toward a different future in Cuba

It will take 20-30 years before it recovers from the ill effects of Communism.

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Former leader of Just Food appears to have given United Way a questionable income tax return

Bob, didn't you encounter some difficulties when the County Attorney for Labette County, Kansas?

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Former leader of Just Food appears to have given United Way a questionable income tax return

You can be sure he won't be staying in town for long. Hopefully, he won't be leaving any debts behind. Hey, he could join former city manager Dave Corliss in Castle Rock, CO.

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