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Schmidt joins suit against EPA clean water rule

Essentially, Schmidt wants Kansans to fish, wade, swim and boat in polluted water.

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New plans filed for major shopping center south of SLT and Iowa Street interchange

It's a bad idea to build in the floodplain. Plus, since is Wakarusa River bottomland it's probably prime farmland which should be preserved for posterity.

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Supreme Court declares nationwide right to same-sex marriage

Justice Kennedy wrote for the Court, "The Fourteenth Amendment requires a State to license a marriage between two people of the same sex..." I agree that liberty and equal protection (equality) enshrined in the 14th Amendment guarantee that two people of the same sex should have the right to marry. However, Jesus Christ said that marriage is between a man and woman. As the Son of God he is the ultimate authority. So, no Christian pastor should perform a same-sex marriage ceremony. Otherwise, he is not following the Word of God.

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Panel drops complaint against Kansas lawmaker's 'racist bigots' remarks

Has anyone in the legislature heard of the First Amendment and freedom of speech? Of course it doesn't protect slander but the bar for what constitutes slander and libel is higher for politicians. Remember when a candidate called his opponent a thespian? Apparently, she lost that election.

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Kansas court orders state to immediately pay $49.6 million to local school districts

That's exactly why Brownback is attempting to stack the courts with libertarian ideologues. He now has authority to do exactly that with the state court of appeals and eventually those judges will move up to the supreme court.

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Kansans in Congress vow to push for repeal of health law

Not going to happen as long as a Democrat occupies the White House. They should be working to expand health insurance to everyone. Of course, they personally have the Cadillac of health insurance policies through the federal government.

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Supreme Court upholds nationwide health care law subsidies

Even with ACA millions still don't have health insurance. I predict that within 50+ years Medicare will be revitalized and gradually expanded to include everyone.

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Kaw Nation to hold first powwow near Council Grove

They came to Kansas in 1640 from the Ohio River valley. Unfortunately, no one is full-blooded Kaw and no one can speak the language although Osage is similar.

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Talk of a new dog park and a $10 per year dog license requirement for Lawrence; Quonset hut debate in East Lawrence on hold; city manager search update

I know what you mean, Scott. All of the eyesores along the trail need to be screened but that would take lots of money.

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Kansas governor signs bill changing rules for budget cuts

Since he believes in the Kochs' libertarian philosophy, his real goal is to end taxation and privatize virtually everything. Private schools, private prisons, private roads, private universities. Interesting that there is going to be another big deficit next year unless they rob the highway funds KDOT manages again.

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