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Streets, infrastructure polling higher than police headquarters in new city survey results

Isn't there a way to remodel and expand the existing building at Bob Billings Pkwy and Wakarusa? It's the perfect location because Lawrence continues to grow mainly Northwest.

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Swiss billionaire donates $25,000 to Landon Nature Trail

Thanks, Dorothy. It's the first billionaire I have landed.

BTW, I am not director of KRTC. I am the volunteer director of development (fundraising) for the organization.

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What do you think the penalty should be for illegal use of fireworks?

A $50 fine plus court costs. The purpose of the ban is to:

1. Prevent house fires (roofs)

2. Prevent air pollution

3. Prevent injuries to children

4. Keep the peace and quiet so babies, the elderly, pets and people with PTSD are not disturbed.

Time for the County to ban fireworks stands within three miles of the city limits.

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Illegal firework violations can cost hundreds of dollars, jail time; police planning vigorous enforcement

I wish the County would ban fireworks stands within three miles of the city limits. That would reduce violations. I bet they would if the City asked them to as the City has planning and zoning powers extending out three miles.

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Kansas residents now have higher taxes but less gun regulation

So, smokers will be paying $5.00 more for a carton of cigarettes. This should reduce the number of teen smokers.

Kansas joins five states that allow people to carry concealed handguns without a permit. If a bank, bar or church doesn't have an approved sign banning concealed handguns, then it is legal for virtually anyone over 21 and not felon to bring one in. If feel so much more safer (not).

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Schumm files plans for new multistory commercial/condo building on Vermont Street; Sprouts set to open; update on Bauer Farm development

It does sound like a good project and will continue to make downtown Lawrence more vibrant with more residents walking around.

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Schmidt joins suit against EPA clean water rule

Essentially, Schmidt wants Kansans to fish, wade, swim and boat in polluted water.

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New plans filed for major shopping center south of SLT and Iowa Street interchange

It's a bad idea to build in the floodplain. Plus, since is Wakarusa River bottomland it's probably prime farmland which should be preserved for posterity.

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Supreme Court declares nationwide right to same-sex marriage

Justice Kennedy wrote for the Court, "The Fourteenth Amendment requires a State to license a marriage between two people of the same sex..." I agree that liberty and equal protection (equality) enshrined in the 14th Amendment guarantee that two people of the same sex should have the right to marry. However, Jesus Christ said that marriage is between a man and woman. As the Son of God he is the ultimate authority. So, no Christian pastor should perform a same-sex marriage ceremony. Otherwise, he is not following the Word of God.

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Panel drops complaint against Kansas lawmaker's 'racist bigots' remarks

Has anyone in the legislature heard of the First Amendment and freedom of speech? Of course it doesn't protect slander but the bar for what constitutes slander and libel is higher for politicians. Remember when a candidate called his opponent a thespian? Apparently, she lost that election.

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