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Religious freedom bill stirs controversy in Kansas Statehouse

So, if there is a campus rape survivors support group, they have to let in men if they get public or student fee funds? Many in the group would feel uncomfortable with that. There are many instances like this.

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LMH to study program that would provide free legal assistance to low-income patients

Can't they just be referred to Douglas County Legal Aid?

March 30, 2015 at 5:03 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Martin Miller trial: Jury selection begins in retrial of Lawrence man once convicted of murder

He was such a nice boy when I knew him. Too bad his mind got twisted on life’s journey. So, is he going to make his children relive the experience and force them testify against him? I still don’t see why he should get a new trial. I expect he'll be convicted again.

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Spencer Museum to host 'Last Look' events before closing for renovations

It’s one of the top university art museums in the US though I wish they would focus more on Kansas and regional artists. Too bad it’s going to be closed for a whole year.

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New numbers out on Lawrence job growth; City Commission to consider $100K in incentives for affordable housing project

Notice jobs in Ames, Iowa are up 4.9%. Plus, the jobs in that university town pay thousands of dollars more than in Lawrence. What's up with that?

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Vehicle crashes into Lawrence library

A couple of weeks ago someone drove down those steps where the ice rink was. The same thing happened a couple of months ago and the vehicle got stuck.

March 29, 2015 at 3:15 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Ex-Brownback aide lobbying against tobacco tax increase

Research shows whenever the excise tax on tobacco is jacked up, fewer children and teens start and continue smoking. I think they should jack it up by a $1.00 a pack and raise the minimum legal age to 21.

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Rasmussen responds to concerns about out-of-town donations

Here is just one example. His daughters could not date. A boy could "court" a daughter and sit on the front porch with a daughter but that was it. Kinda like Brownback washed the feet of his federal employees in a federal building and he is an active layperson in Opus Dei, the secretive Catholic organization founded by fascist Spanish priest in the 1920s.

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Rasmussen responds to concerns about out-of-town donations

The Crosslands have given campaign contributions to wacky-birds such as Far Right Congressman Jim Ryun. Kansas Leadership is run by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Industry. So, you can see where Rasmussen's loyalties lie and they are not with ordinary Lawrencians who want to enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

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Work to begin soon on new river trail near downtown; home sales fall in February; Board of Realtors endorses three for City Hall

I’m not impressed with the asphalt millings surface on the trails at Rock Chalk Park. They don’t seem to pack down well despite what parks and rec officials say. Crushed limestone packs down (like on the Levee Trail) to allow strollers and wheelchairs. The area along the river floods periodically, so they should make it all concrete, and I predict they will eventually.

So, Rasmussen is getting 40% of campaign money from outside of Lawrence and now realtors support him. So, I suppose if elected he'll be another supporter of land speculators, developers, banksters and the Chamber of Commerce and others in the" rampant growth at all costs" crowd but ignore neighborhoods.

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