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Kansas Senate approves concealed carry of guns without training or permit

So, any wingnut without any gun safety training can take a concealed handgun into a bar, proceed to get drunk and then into an argument with a patron. Looks like an accident waiting to happen. Why do people feel so unsafe that they feel they have to carry handguns? Violent crime has been going down for 20 years. Only a few neighborhoods in KCK, Topeka and Wichita can be considered to be dangerous.

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Supreme Court sides with Kansas in water dispute

Would take US marshals to implement the decision though. Nebraska will just ignore it like Colorado does.

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Defying GOP, Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline bill

The supporters don't have enough votes to override a veto despite defectors from the Democratic Party. But Jeb will sign it into law in two years.

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Compton purchases former Borders Bookstore site; Incumbents, Rasmussen leading the pack in City Commission fundraising

As one writer said a couple of years ago, we need a downtown plan that guides development including height, etc. Otherwise, we're going to lose its uniqueness and historic character.

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Police: Woman stabbed in downtown Lawrence on Saturday night

I wish Topeka criminals would stay in East Topeka an Tennessee Town.

Thank you, Sen. Marci Francisco for voting last year for the bill that allows concealed knives such as switchblades, stilettos, and Bowie knives by any Kansas resident.

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Man stabbed at Lawrence Salvation Army, airlifted to hospital

I was surprised when Sen. Marci Francisco voted last year for the bill to allow concealed knives such as switchblades, stilettos, bowie knives, etc. Now it’s the law and I guess a way it helped the victim defend himself. However, pepper spray is a better defense and more benign.

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Taco Zone plans to open downtown restaurant; police ask for $24K as engineer finds structural problems in evidence storage area

Not a particularly good location to catch passersby but I think Herbivores was in or next to that space and it lasted several years. I sure miss the early version of Herbivores.

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The Merc starts $320,000 renovation project; city writes letter opposing election changes; charging city inmates for jail time to be debated

I think the Hillcrest Shopping Center is the oldest in town dating from the late 1950s and about ten years ago it was the center of town. BTW, the Merc will pay members 3% interest on a three-year note for the expansion. Much better rate than a CD in today's market.

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The Merc starts $320,000 renovation project; city writes letter opposing election changes; charging city inmates for jail time to be debated

Offenders most likely lose their jobs (and income) due to their jail time, and by charging inmates $70/day they will have a hard time recovering financially. So, some will turn to burglary, theft, fraud and other financial crimes to recover financially.

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Brownback rescinds protections for LGBT state employees

Brownback claims that the state legislature should adopt a law providing protection for LGBT state employees. That said, he should have waited until the legislature passed such a law before rescinding the executive order. Actually, they should pass a law providing protection for all Kansas residents not just state employees. Lawrence has the Simply Equal amendment which protects all residents.

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