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Lawrence police: One man dead following stabbing on Arkansas Street

I think that's the first homicide for 2015. Unfortunately, the way Lawrence has been going the last three years, there could be a couple of more this year. Ban pointed knives!

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Iowa firm likely to create about 20 jobs at Lawrence foam manufacturing plant; Breezedale markers getting restored; Housing Authority seeks to buy apartment building

The County Appraiser tends to appraise houses higher (as much as 20%) than fair market value. I just found this out personally.

Something doesn't smell right--either it has been undervalued by the County Appraiser for tax purposes or there is some sweetheart deal.

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Kansas House advances bill giving Kobach power to prosecute election crimes

Say you move and don't re-register but vote at your old polling station. Is that a felony now???

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Some Kansas environmental groups disappointed with clean energy compromise

California just passed a law requiring 33% of electricity to come from renewable energy by 2020. As one of the top wind states, we should be doing this, but no the reactionaries in the legislature are moving the state backward to the Gilded Age when the robber barons exploited and pillaged and there were very few government regulations.

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City Commission to decide fate of debated 'Quonset hut' in East Lawrence; more on a food truck bistro in Warehouse Arts District

It's an eyesore not much different than a billboard which is litter on a stick. Tear it down.

Someone had a stand selling Crème brûlée at the corner of 7th & Mass. a couple of weeks ago. Haven't seen him since...

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Chamber of commerce wants chance to run convention and visitors bureau; longtime Lawrence security company purchased

Keep Explore Lawrence independent and hire a dynamic executive to manage it. Neither the Chamber nor the City should be in this business.

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ECM working to regain tax-exempt status

All you have to do to keep your tax-exempt status is file the 990 annual return and usually that big of an organization has a CPA do it. So, someone dropped the ball. Are donations made during the period it lost its tax-exempt status deductible? I gave donations last year and this year...

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Lawrence's retail sales growth near the top in the state; update on Dale Willey expansion on South Iowa; city commissioners seek more info on solar power

If Lenexa's IKEA can have the biggest solar array in the Sunflower State, Lawrence can have solar panels on all City-owned buildings. When that is done they need to put on lightening rods so the system doesn't get fried. All KU buildings have lightning rods but none of the City's buildings does.

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County provides grant money to preserve local heritage, resources; ECM denied because of standing with IRS

Hey, those are all historical projects. Some of the money is supposed to be for natural lands preservation, etc.

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Renewable energy bill more about ideology than environment

The reactionaries continue to move the state backward. California just passed a bill requiring that 33% be from renewable energy by 2020. That's what we should be doing.

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