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Kansas smokers unhappy with proposal for cigarette tax hike

Research shows it will prevent thousands of Kansas children and teens from taking up the habit of smoking which is definitely a good thing. Plus, consumers will save on health insurance premiums because there will be fewer smoking-related illnesses. Hospitals will save millions because they won't be providing as much care to uninsured patients.

As I proposed in a recent letter-to-the-editor, the age to buy cigarettes should be raised to 21.

I don't see many people driving to Oklahoma or Missouri to buy cigarettes except for those living right on the border. Plus, once we raise the tax, surrounding states are likely to follow suit. You know, lead by example?

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Obama uses hospital funds to leverage Medicaid expansion

There's a bill in Congress which would fix Medicare and expand it to include everyone. This really needs to happen but won't happen until 2065 AD. I can see it being gradually expanded--say to cover those 55-64 first, then 0-18, followed by 40-54 and then on until everyone is covered. Employers, consumers and taxpayers would have to fund this.

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Business group launches Kansas radio campaign on taxes

There are two industrial complexes in the state: the highway-industrial complex and the prison-industrial complex. That's where the fat is. Highway contractors are making a killing off taxpayers. Many of the nonviolent offenders who are in prison shouldn't be there. They should be doing community service.

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Bridal shop to take over space of longtime downtown retailer; city considering issuing new citizen survey; project to honor Langston Hughes

The Langston Hughes Project is an excellent one. However, the Carnegie Library doesn't need a plaque--it already has one at the entrance thanks to Hobart Jackson, Katy Armitage, yours truly and others.

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Police: Two complaints against officers found to have merit in 2014

It looks like the number of complaints is going down which is a good sign. However, it's hard to believe that out of 13 complaints from the public there was no just cause to pursue any.

I recall that in the early 1990s I filed a complaint about police brutality against a Native American who had already been handcuffed and lying on his stomach and not resisting arrest but was kicked repeatedly by an officer. I was a witness but Internal Affairs said I made it up because it wasn't in their computer! They then asked me if I was a "lndian lover"!!!

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Kansas Supreme Court to consider marijuana ballot dispute

I'm sure that the Supremes will rule that the legislature has "occupied the field" and therefore the ordinance is null and void. That means cities are precluded from enacting laws on the same subject if the penalty is weaker than the state law.

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Parks and Recreation has long list of projects that could be affected by police headquarters plan; weight room at Rock Chalk to close temporarily

Hey, voters already passed two sales taxes for police and fire and one for parks and recreation in the 1990s. They shouldn't siphon the money from the parks and recreation sales tax and divert it to the police.

BTW, the weight room at Rock Chalk Park is way too small. It's a major design flaw.

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Large apartment project near KU to set up office in downtown; new report shows T ridership grew in 2014

The current hub seems to work well. It’s right across from the library and since downtown is a major destination, it’s efficient to have all bus routes converge downtown. To make it better, the City could buy the former Local Burger building and make it into a waiting room with restrooms.

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Farmer in line to become Lawrence's next mayor, but uncertainty remains ahead of Tuesday's vote

Well, the mayor can appoint people to various boards and commissions and that can make a difference. For example, the mayor can appoint Smart Growth advocates or "rampant growth at all costs" people to the planning commission.

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Rural residents may have little recourse for gun noise

Speaking of noise pollution, I can hear pickup trucks in my house with the windows closed and I live a block away from 23rd St. Why do pickup truck owners get to be noise polluters?

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