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Auto dealership opening near 23rd and Haskell; Kansas incomes lag behind nation in 2014

I've never figured out why wages are so low in Lawrence compared to Ames and Iowa City, both college towns. Workers are paid thousands of dollars more there than in our fair city.

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Jurors find McLinn eligible for 'Hard 50' sentencing

I think she should have been sentenced to Larned State Security Hospital because she is clearly insane.

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Kansas House panel endorses effort to change US Constitution

Leslie, you are absolutely right. It would take 3/4 of the states to adopt such a resolution and that's not going to happen. It's not a good idea anyway because anti-democratic and anti- civil liberties amendments could be proposed and adopted at such a convention. For example, I'm sure an amendment that would completely outlaw abortion would be adopted.

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Lawrence police investigating report of road rage

Somewhat off the subject: I knew woman who didn't like all of the pickup trucks in Lawrence and that's one reason she moved to the West Coast. I don't like their loud exhausts and I can hear them a block away on 23rd Street. We need a stricter noise ordinance and have a LPD unit enforce it.

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Kansas panel considers divesting pension fund from Iran

Why stop with Iran? Also, go after other human rights violators such as Syria, Saudi Arabia, Russia and China. Why not divest from fossil fuel companies like some colleges are doing?

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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit

• Whereas an average of 50 percent of households owned a gun in the 1970s, that number declined to 35 percent in the 2000s, with 34 percent of households reporting gun ownership in 2012. (General Social Survey, which is conducted by NORC, a research center at the University of Chicago, reported by the New York Times in its March 9, 2013 issue). It is likely that a majority of those with firearms in the home only have shotguns or rifles for hunting, not handguns.
• Fewer hunters are involved in the sport each year. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that 33 states (including Kansas) had declines in hunting license sales over the last two decades. The sharpest drop was in Massachusetts, where there has been a 50 percent falloff in hunting license sales during that time. Millions of Americans still hunt, of course, and some states have had increases in license sales over the last 20 years. But the overarching decline has outdoor advocates worried. (Source: NYT, 12-10-10)

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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit

The fact is Kansans have no reason to be so afraid that they have to carry a handgun. Okay, maybe if you live in eastern KCK, NE Wichita, East Topeka or south of Hobby Lobby in Lawrence you can have some fear for your life, but 95% of Kansans have nothing to worry about. The homicide rate has been going down for 23 years. It's the media that create this irrational fear. None dare call it paranoia.

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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit

Good points, Kim. It's also my understanding that one must practice several hours each month in order to be able to actually hit a target. So, handgun owners who have a mental or substance abuse problem will be able to carry concealed handguns in public places like bars and theaters. I just don't see what Kansans are so afraid of that they have to carry handguns.

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McLinn trial: Jury selection begins in CiCi's Pizza owner slaying case

She's obviously insane and should go to Larned State Security Hospital until she is well, if ever.

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Kansas Senate panel considers cutting green energy incentive

The fossil fuel and nuclear industries get billions in tax subsidies each year nationally. Here's an example:

"There was little controversy in Kansas over the Keystone XL, and little direct tax benefit, either. The Kansas Legislature in 2006 agreed to waive property taxes on new pipelines in Kansas for the first 10 years. That has cost the state and the six counties the Keystone pipeline passes through roughly $15 million year."

So, I suppose those counties will start getting revenues next year.

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