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Editorial: Drone policy?

Ask yourself, what is this 2,400,000 square-foot facility, completed in 2011.....


what do you think they do there? Follow the clues.....

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Editorial: Drone policy?

"But let’s be clear. These drones are not your miniature aircraft of the sort flown by hobbyists at Clinton Lake. These are full-scale, pilotless airplanes used for surveillance and as weapons."

.....the one thing that is clear is that editorial author does NOT know what he is talking about.

UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), sometimes referred to as UASs (Unmanned Aerial Systems) come in many shapes and sizes, and the technology has advanced to the point where planes the size used by hobbyists (even the same exact planes used by hobbyists), outfitted with a small camera and flight computer can be sent on a predetermined flight path to collect imagery. Specialized software is then used to georeference the imagery and stitch it all together for use in GIS mapping software (think GoogleEarth, which is just a massive database of spatial data). This is done routinely from manned aircraft with all kinds of applications (USDA crop compliance program, county/city assessors use it to check for new structures/map impervious surfaces for storm sewer taxation, etc., disaster response...the list is very long). Different application call for different levels of detail (spatial resolution, or pixel size). The link below has aerial photos paid for by you, the taxpayer, for 2006 and 2009.
The nominal resolution of these images is about 6 inches, which is sufficient for the city/county to do what it needs to do with it. With a UAV/UAS this could be 1-inch, or better. That's thirty-six times the detail - and it would be cheaper.

I personally know at least a dozen people, professionals, not hobbyists, who have these systems and use them for research purposes. If you think the routine use of these systems isn't coming , you are wrong. It's not a matter of if, it's when.

I think that the point that the group in question is trying to make is valid, and the editorial author is just ignorant of the state of the technology and the very real implications for privacy that are present. There are many important uses for these types of imagery, but the fidelity of the images is such that this discussion needs to take place.

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Missing Free State student returns home unharmed

Taking a look at Miss Tebe's Twitter posts ( http://twitter.com/chelslovesyou11 ) will shed some light on this 16-year-olds issues, which appear to include .... well, just read for yourself.

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Going strong: Organizers gear up for 2nd year of unique fitness competition

Soooo much fun last year, can't wait til September 18th! Thanks Chad & Laura for putting this on again.

For video of last year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxME9k...

Sign up, you won't regret it.

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Wakarusa music festival considers venue change

For video of Ms. Valencias hooping skills visit:


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Moore co-sponsors Gonzales impeachment effort

Earth to Bush...Earth to Bush....Hello...Is there anybody out there? ....There seems to be a technical malfunction....Hello! Is there anybody out there? ... Houston, we have a problem!

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Farmers Market looks to expand

Wouldn't it make more sense to put a Wednesday market on the west side of town, along Wakarusa? That way these folks, who aren't proximate to the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday markets, can enjoy the benefits of locally grown food without having to drive clear across town, which produces more greenhouse gasses and further contributes to global warming. Seriouly, look at a map!( http://www.google.com/maps?q=Lawrence... ) There is a large customer base in west Lawrence, tap into it.

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Traffic circles on hold

Dear Caracalla,

I'm curious to know how many drivers you surveyed from our community to determine that a "majority of the people don't like the roundabouts." I don't think that reading the comments posted on this forum qualifies as an unbiased sample.

That being said, please add me to list of those who would rather flow smoothly through a roundabout, virtually never having to stop at one, than wait in a long line at a stop sign/light, wasting my gas and TIIME doing the old stop-go, stop-go, stop-go, stop-go, stop-go, stop-go, stop-go, stop-go, stop-go, stop-go, stop-go, stop-go, stop-go, stop-go. Talk about a waste. And when there is no traffic, why stop at all? Just because there are a few folks, like you, who are a little slow to figure things out, doesn't mean the rest of us should wait for you to catch on.

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'Battle Axe' expected to plea to murder

After a lifetime in the prison showers, the BattleAxe will look like he had a Battle in his A$$, and lost. Rot scumbag.

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Douglas County Commission boosts its own pay by $11,000 a year

Hey guys and gals, perhaps you need to look at those numbers a little more closely. A raise from $21,507 to $32,552 is a 51.4% raise NOT a 30% raise. A 30% raise would be $6452, making a total of $27,959.

Again, that is a 51.4% raise!

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