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Underage drinking crackdown shifts from bars to parties

Aw come on LPD..just 11 citations? Is that the best you can do? How many of ya'll remember when the drinking age was just 18 here in Kansas and especially Lawrence town? Who changed THAT law? Those people again who think they know whats best for others? Were they democrats, republicans?

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Underage drinking crackdown shifts from bars to parties

Amsterdam and Germany for instance! Hooorahhh!!!

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Bill seeks to allow smoking in Kansas bars

In Amsterdam you can smoke hashish legally in their businesses, think Lawrence might pass a bill for that? Anyways..puff away! Oh yeah, well this is the USA, where the morals are pushed onto others by others and others think they know what is best for free Americans.

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Gingrich, with campaign $4 million in debt, to abandon presidential run on Wednesday

Anybody knows who will pay the $4,000,000.00 debt? Anyhow, old Newt must have a huge ego to think he could win after the polictical fiasco he had in the 90's, did he think Americans were so dumb that we wouldn't forget?

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What advancing in the NCAA Tournament means, financially, to Bill Self

Can you or I coach like Bill Self? I don't think so, he deserves every red cent. Those "kids" playing for the team have a great opportunity playing for the basketball program at the Univ. of Kansas and they know this. Go KU!!!

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Second Lawrence police officer in ticket-fixing investigation no longer employed with the city

Yes it is "too bad" these 2 cops have resigned because of this. Bottom line is did they break the law or break any departmental policies? Are there current officers who did what they did or knew about it? It sheds a sorry light on the rest of the officers and department. This fairly new police chief better start reassuring the city that the rest of his officers are clean. Will be interesting to see if the LJW and Channel 6 will stay on this like they do the SLT.

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