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Judge blocks Kan. law defunding Planned Parenthood

Woohoo, a victory for the born and unborn!

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In lawsuit, Planned Parenthood officials say Kansas defunding efforts part of national campaign

I agree, separate health insurance policies that cover treatment for prostate cancer and mandate that you keep a spare tire with you at all times.

Gotta be prepared.

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SRS closing has political tone

Poor example.

It was not a political decision but and environmental one. And then the moderate Democrat that replaced Sebelius compromised and set the stage to permit at least one of the two proposed plants.

Compromise. That is the operative word here. We are not likely to see a reversal of the SRS closure decision because it would mean compromise, a dirty dirty word to neo-conservatards.

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Mass. St. Dillons remodel approved by City Commission

This is good for east Lawrence.

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Town Talk: Dillons submits new design for South Mass. store; Downtown roundtable this morning; city to create retiree task force

At this point we are just splitting hairs with design requirements because the Dillons is not connected to any other nearby commercial properties until you hit 13th or so. Basically, any update to the facade of the commercial property in that strip is a major upgrade and hopefull the remaining businesses around 19th and Mass will slowly but surely get upgraded facades to be more in line with the new Dillon's.

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Statehouse Live: Lease agreement for SRS office has conditions

Scott & LJW,

Have you asked fmr Governor Parkinson or Sibelius for comment? They both made spending cuts, but did they ever consider cutting SRS like this?

July 14, 2011 at 1:39 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Statehouse Live: Lease agreement for SRS office has conditions


"In a meeting on Monday with reporters and editors of the Journal-World, Siedlecki and his staff indicated they would be able to terminate the lease for the Lawrence SRS office."

But at what cost? I am sure the LJW asked this question, did you get an answer? Or was it one of those, "We are looking into the matter..." non-answer answer.

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