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U.S. must join drug battle

Logic, first we got this thing called 'War on Terror" that we need to take care of. ha

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Downtown Lawrence Inc. wants higher parking rates, fines

Anyone know if the St. Pats parade is this weekend?

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Obama taps Sebelius for HHS secretary

She give us all 'happy ending'.

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Senate budget committee endorses 13 percent higher ed cut


And please try and visualize what this town would be like if there wasn't a University employing thousands of people with good jobs.

Most of those 'thousands' don't live in Lawrence.
Do you think all of that K-10 and Turnpike traffic are coming to work at Wal-Mart or McD's ?

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Griffin ruled out tonight against No. 15 Jayhawks

Blake looks pretty healthy with 6 cts. of diamonds hangin' off his ears.

He got the suit jacket out of the Ocsar dumpster evidently.

Hope his recovery works out.........

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Former Lawrence man pleads guilty to ID theft

Maybe it's time judges have the option of giving X number of years military service in the combat arms to offenders of non violent crimes. Let's say instead of 10 yrs. in candyland with us footing the bill he does 6 yrs. in a combat infantry brigade. He won't be scammin' his fellow soldiers or he'll wish he had been given the prison time. Make some use of these people and put them around some men and women who can teach them some values. You don't see Ft. Leavenworth with a waiting list.

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Lawrence's lone cobbler sees rise in business

What happened to all the previous comments?

What a 'rag'.

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Have you ever taken your shoes in to get repaired?

I took a pair of rather expensive boots to BKB for resole as the leather was great but chemicals at the soles/heels off. He did an excellent job and it was a cool experience just going in there and meeting him (and a dog chillin' by the stove).

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FINAL: Aldrich's 21 points lead KU to 85-74 victory over KSU

mancityfetish....what baseball game did you watch?

this one was on a court. You probably didn't see it anyway.........moron.

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Hemenway advises state lawmakers: 'You can't cut your way to excellence'

coping with crumbling infrastructure and inadequate resources to educate your children.Waaaa, waaaa....waaaaWho was in charge of making sure the house wasn't falling down around you? Inadequate resources? So what have you been spending all of the millions of dollars on?

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