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Royals remain hopeless

Maybe this baseball talk will bring the Sun out today!

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GOP’s Brown pulls upset to win Mass. Senate race

I am super happy!
A clear message was sent to Washington!
We can only hope that it brings light to the situation that we the people are in charge, that we the people are Washington's bosses!
I dont want the Republications to gain majority I don't want the Dems to have it either. I want a Washington that truly works together, that says " you know what, that sounds ok, but let me talk to my employers and see what they have to say about it. I'll get back to you"

Do you think that is even possible?

Do you think God really cares about America's little elections?

Me personally, I think he truly wonders why we look to an elected official for the answers. Why we as a country stopped looking and seeking him for guidance. Our forefathers did, what changed?

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Airport sewer moves ahead

It's a step in the right direction, if we miss this opportunity we will be ready for the next. Let's get in the game and stop watching from the bleachers, to learn and get better you have to get banged up! knocked down, or said no to.

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Obama proposes tax on largest financial firms

How would you teach this in a classroom to our kids? I would love to be a fly on the wall for that one!

Obama is overstepping his role!
he has no place trying to enforce this, it makes zero since!

If anything, GM and Chrylser should be fined!
make a product, try to sell the product, cant sell the product, run the company poorly, get bailed out by the taxpayer, no penalty! brilliant !!!!

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First lady reviews first year in White House

I find it sad, but have to laugh that our LJ World lead story under National & World section is this report on the First Lady. When news of the back room Union deals for health care reform could have been reported. When recent news of Obama's dropping approval rating, which is falling faster and faster(thank God). Where are those stories?
And did you read what i did? a quote from Mrs. Obama, when talking to her friends about if she has changed or not,
"or are you tripping?” maybe this is the delict that Sen.Reid was referring too?
How very First Lady like, dropping slang in a interview!

Lord, our Father. I pray for this countries leaders, that they seek and follow you. That their own personal gain does not cloud any judgement. That they drop to their knees as we all should to you and your Glory!

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Counterterrorism official says failed effort to blow up Northwest Airlines flight may have been terrorist attack

jafs, this is directed to you!
The name Islam, literally means submission!
The word Allah comes from just one of the 360 different Gods that the Arabian people in the seventh century would worship. Allah was the Moon God, which Muhammeds family worshiped and thought was the true God. also his father and uncle were also named Allah.
Mohammad killed thousands of people who would not submit to his created religion.
Jesus never killed anyone when he was spreading his message.
Do not confuse what is man made and what is truly divine.
I pray Psalms 20 for all!

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