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Judge orders 22-year-old Lawrence man to stand trial in connection with police standoff

He sure is lucky he wasn't a minority...lpd has been known to dust a mf off for less than that. Not to mention how many more charges they'd had brought up on him.

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Lawrence man accused of driving away from traffic stop arrested on charges of assault

Journal-world is full of isht...doesn't generally mention names unless formally charged...i beg to differ.

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5 years later, murder case may get some resolution

Free Major Edwards!!

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Missing student Aisha Khan found safe

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Life sentence set in Kansas drug trafficking case

i totally agree with u pocket. That ish is crazy.

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Two Kansas City men ordered to stand trial in 2008 robbery case

The one thing i can applaud the ljworld for is exposing snitches.

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Lawrence man acquitted of aggravated assault

Sure you do...

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KCK man brought to Douglas County to face carjacking charges

You sound like a police officer...a tough one at that.

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KU officials say they're concerned about declining enrollment; fewer students on campus this fall

Lawrence Journal World sucks...thats why.

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