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Lawrence Laundry: New store generating buzz downtown

I think Lawrence has plenty of chain stores and stores offering clothes at a reasonable price for young working women. How about the stores owned locally such as Eccentricity (look right next door)! Prices are more in line with what the young professional can afford and you won't find your coworker with the same outfit! These locally owned stores are what Lawrence is about. If you want Banana Republic, White house black market, abercrombie, etc. go to kc. While in Lawrence try out Nomads, Eccentricity, Spectators for your special, higher end clothes, and the rest of our locally owned Jems!

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‘Unbelievable’ finish: Free State soccer falls just short of state, loses to Manhattan

Wow - not sure where this comment section went awry before Hop2it stepped in (thank you, by the way)....We should all be proud of a team from OUR city representing US in the fashion they did. This has nothing to do with affluence, school closures, etc. It has to do with a fine group of young ladies who conditioned for several months prior to practicing 5-6 days a week, giving it their all, and trying to represent the city of Lawrence (including you JackRipper) in the best and most honorable way they could and playing their hearts out. Let's refocus our comments on the intent of the article and find other more controvesial articles if you want to argue just for the sake of argument.

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Striking a pose: FSHS boys surprised to see benefits of yoga sessions

Yes, a fact indeed (that is why I stated they were 4-6 times more likely to suffer ACL injuries than male athletes...). Somewhere you missed the fact that this training is IN ADDITION TO their regular regimin of training. Whether they were doing pilates, yoga or running stairs on their day off, it is certainly an added benefit. I believe what Mrs. Keasling said about helping to prevent one of her child's ACL tears is entirely true. Depending on the nature of the injury, if you are more flexible, your falls (or contact) will occur much differently than if your hips and joints are tight and have no 'give'. Since neither of us were there to see how either injury occurred, difficult to argue the point. I've taken a fall down a flight of stairs and believe I would have sustained a major injury had I not been flexible enough to 'fall' correctly. I'm also certain that Mark Francis (KU Soccer coach) and the Man U coach (who incorporated yoga into his teams training schedule) know more about the benefits of yoga, cross training, etc. than you and I do. I'm a PT who has worked with countless athletes who have sustained injuries as a result of soccer, basketball, and other sports and wholeheartly agree that while not mainstream and obviously appreciated by all, yoga is an extremely beneficial exercises for all ages and all levels of athletes. Search the internet and you will find dozens of articles touting the benefits of yoga for athletes -- all different kinds of athletes. And truly, why focus on the negatives of this article? Why not simply applaud these players for their efforts. Namaste.....

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Striking a pose: FSHS boys surprised to see benefits of yoga sessions

Female athletes are 4-6 times more likely to suffer ACL injuries than male athletes. The reasons for the different rates of injury in men and women are not clear, but some theories include differences in anatomy, knee alignment, ligament laxity, muscle strength, and conditioning. PT's recommend that female athletes perform exercises to improve strength, flexibilty, coordination, and balance. Many yoga poses focus on these 4 aspects of training. There is a well-known program designed by PT's at Santa Monica Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Group called Prevent Injury, Enhance Performance (PEP) program. Those who participated in the program had an overall ACL injury rate 41% lower than a group of female athletes who did their regular warm-ups. This was one of the largest studies conducted in the NCAA with 1435 athletes participating. This program incorporated balance, core conditioning, stretching, etc....many of the same components found in a basic yoga practice. So, while yoga may not prevent ACL injuries, adding exercises to increase flexibility, build core strength and improve balance and coordination to your conditioning program certainly can't hurt. But, the focus of this article was on the benefits of yoga for this great group of young athletes and I applaud them for their efforts. Kudos also to the coach for recognizing the importance of cross training and for not being afraid to expose his athletes to alternative training methods! And, this is in addition to their 'normal' soccer practices.

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Striking a pose: FSHS boys surprised to see benefits of yoga sessions

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Lawrence's high schools celebrating homecoming — at home

Can't wait for Homecoming game & dance! How fun for everyone to have their own 'home' stadium. When I grew up, the dance was the following night but it was also a much bigger deal -- formals, suits, flowers...the whole works! I think the Winter Formal has replaced the Homecoming dance formality. Now if we can get wins for our 2 home teams -- go LHS & FS!

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More families in Lawrence being forced into homelessness

Did I read this right? The Johnson's lost their jobs in Olathe and came to Lawence's Community Shelter. The other homeless family has been in Lawrence about 3 months. Why is Lawrence the destination for homeless people? Don't we have enough issues of our own? What are we doing to make homeless people want to come here? What are the other cities doing to make homeless people move to places such as Lawrence? At what point do we say "stop"? Should the homeless people not have to do ANYTHING in exchange for a bed & meal? I know it is not the kid's fault, absolutely not. But come on folks...let's stop enabling this type of lifestyle and make some conditions for our handouts!

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‘Red Dog’ to lead attempt at record-breaking workout

It has to start somewhere! How do you think records ever get made? If they don't try it, there will never be a record...make sense? Show support rather than looking for fault...or get out and join the fun!

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Teen frustrated that parents restrict access to social-networking sites

I am amazed at how many adults are wasting time on Facebook as registered users. My 40ish friends are on it 2-3 hours each night and I know exactly what they are doing at any given moment..."eating dinner", "getting ready to throw a load of laundry in!", "watching the Golden Globes" and on and on... I mean really...who cares? It is almost like who has the most friends and the most comments on your wall wins! I got an account so I could monitor what my 3 kids are doing and I am ready to delete my account. It is so annoying and a waste of time for adults! If I don't accept a 'friend' request, I'm afraid they will be upset so I accept all these 'friends' then have all this junk on my Facebook. My fault, I know. Anyway, to all adults on Facebook...grow up and find something more worthwhile to do with your time. It is not a second chance for Homecoming Queen II or Most Likely to Have the Most Facebook Friends...

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