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Drug war finds new opponents

And, where are your statistics to support these erroneous claims? As one with ten years in the drug policy reform game, let me tell ya how misinformed you are. At least when it comes to marijuana.

Have you heard of Portugal and their drug laws? Ten years ago, they decriminalized all drugs. Not just cannabis, but heroin, cocaine, meth. In the following ten years, drug use among minors and the recorded number of diseases that are associated with the sharing of dirty needles went down. [1] This has been after a decade of this policy, which to any reasonable drug policy analyst demonstrates that decriminalization works wonders for decreasing use.

As for workplace productivity and safety, don't get me started. I am a 'user' who works two jobs, runs a website, raises my family, and am active in drug policy reform. I am one of the most productive people on my respective crews despite (or possibly because of) my drug use. I have been commended many times for my outlook, my drive, and my ambition. Again, I am talking about marijuana.

DUIs are already rampart. If people are going to drive stoned, they will drive stoned no matter the legality of their drug of choice. And despite the increases in marijuana use in recent years, I haven't seen a correlation with a rising number of wrecks with intoxicating drivers.

As for your claims about the economics of drugs... all I can say is 'ha'. Not only will we make money in the taxation of a legalized drug market, but we will reap massive windfalls in the form of spending cuts [2]. In my humble opinion, it is the exact opposite of the current debt debate. The money is in the cuts, not the revenues.

The drug war is racist in nature, an attack on the American people, and an abomination against the constitution.

Let's start with legalizing marijuana and see where that takes us. If things go as bad as you think, then we can stop there. When history proves my points, we can move on to the harder drugs.

Deputy Director JoCoNORML



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