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Sebelius signs legislation to make it easier for police to track cell phone signals

That's ignorant chizzy.. Don't buy a cell phone if you are worried about it. What are you a criminal? Hiding? How about if you slide off into a deep ditch with your car for a few days where nobody can see you trapped and the only thing that the cell phone companies finally release, 3 days later, triangulates your phone signal position from your hypothermic near dead a$$ in the ditch to save your life? I think it's worth it. GPS all the way. Join the ride.

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Haskell student says she was 'graduated' against her will

Councillor needs to beat it on down the line. She should be happy that she got a degree and get on with her life. I went to HINU as an off-campus student, but I could have stayed on-campus in the dorms and been fed 3 squares a day for another $35 a semester. I think it is a little more than that now but you can't beat that price any where else. She's just milking it for all it's worth. Pathetic waste of time and money. Beat it.

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Who does Jesus cheer for?

Jesus cheered for the Wakarusa Music Festival because he was a dirty hippie.

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Fish an integral part of state's river water sampling program

It's too bad you can't eat the fish you catch out of the river.

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Obama opens door to new black identity

Yo Marion... What about your computer parts recycling?? Where do you ship those cancer causing dioxins? Asia? Have you seen the hands that are breaking down Americas computers? Ever heard of slave labor? It's poverty or poison right? Kids get to play in an ash river?? I bet you don't want to see what you are profiting from. Blind eye.

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Obama opens door to new black identity

Marion.... We can all tell that you are upset about the election. It just goes to show you how much the country is tired of the same old failed politics. The people have spoken. Big time. If you stop listening to Rush your mind will clear up and you will feel better. Look at these results. Now that's what I'm talking about. The people have spoken. Change is coming.. So quit crying.http://www.pollster.com/

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Obama opens door to new black identity

Yo Marion.... What happened to River City Talk? It just goes to some loser web site. What's that all about? I'm surprised you support losers. If you stop listening to Rush Limbaugh soon you may still be able to reverse the brain washing that has been done.

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Lawsuit aims to tie up trafficway

Chill out beosphincter. Maybe we should lock you up for being ignorant.

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Police investigating deaths of two men found near Amtrak station

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Wakarusa Festival may get clearance to move from Clinton Lake to Jefferson County ranch

If Jesus was alive today and at the Wakarusa Festival.. The cops would probably throw him to the ground and taze him like they do to the rest of the hippies. http://www.gnosticliberationfront.com...

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