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Students receive part of $1,800 records request seeking Kochs' influence on hiring at KU

How Funny...
"...spreading their political ideology under the guise of academia".
Any sane citizen who has ever taken classes at a State University or College will tell you that statement encompasses about 90% of every staff...and they all lean left.
Those that can, do. Those that can't, try to teach it. How many successful business people are conservative? How many 'educators' are liberal? Just sayin'....the numbers don't lie. You can try though. Good luck.

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Grand jury won't indict Ferguson cop in shooting

The main question...the 'real' question, IMO, is: Would any of this be an issue if Brown were white? The answer is no. That is the very sad question that all of those idiots burning the town need to ask themselves. It's the question that everyone questioning the cop needs to ask. If they wouldn't protest if he were white (which we all know they wouldn't)...then they are the racists. If our President was an actual leader and not a race baiter...he would ask them the same question. He's won't.

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Opinion: Climate change as a moral issue

Track the path and coal consumption of your Starbucks latte cup you just put in the recycle bin.
Ever consider how much carbon fuel exhaust you are pumping into the atmosphere by recycling everything? Your car, facility electricity to crush, diesel to a new location, breakdown, processing, rebuild? Even those things that do not harm the environment upon decomposition?
Though they are not being built...there is plenty of landfill space available for such items.
If you are a global warming alarmist who blames climate change on carbon fuel emissions and you recycle environmentally safe items...paper, cardboard are a walking contradiction.

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Opinion: Climate change as a moral issue

Yep Mike...the problem is that 'scientists' have been crying wolf for so long that they have lost all credibility. When their livelihood as a 'Scientist' depends on their theory...they will say just about anything to keep the grant money flowing.

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Fossil hunter attempting another go at getting state fossil named

"...because at some point you gotta realize that people do not want what you're recommending."
Ummm....YA THINK!!! Now...load up the legislature with a bunch of money wasting lefties and the state fossil would be anointed next week. If they can't afford it...they'll just raise the debt ceiling and put it on the credit card.

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Brownback administration won't treat same-sex married couples the same for tax purposes

Nice headline. Where in the article does it show how they "won't treat same-sex married couples the same"?
Sounds like they're treating them the illegitimate.
Some of you are hybrid socialists/communists and expect everyone to pay your way. You elect officials to reflect those views. Brownback is religious. He's also pretty bright. Like the Kansans that elected him. If you show him an apple and an orange and you tell him they are the same...he's going to argue with you.

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Letter: Puppet leaders

Thanks. So you are all for only allowing children and elderly to be covered? Good. I'm glad you are taking a stand against the 'freeloaders' you referred to.

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Letter: Puppet leaders

It doesn't matter who's in office. If they spend money they don't have and continue to steal from earners to give to doesn't take an economist to "predict future economic activity". There's just not enough of us to tap for your charity John.

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Letter: Puppet leaders

Except that it would take $50+ million to set up a proper exchange (if such a thing exists) and Medicaid has been a losing bet since it's inception. Because it is based on emotion instead of logic, your single paragraph advertisement is worthless.

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Vacant Sears building sold; plans at City Hall suggest Dick's Sporting Goods on the way

What local businesses? Francis doesn't carry enough sporting goods to compete with anyone. What other businesses are they competing with? Walmart? Target?
When it comes to outdoor gear and sporting goods...Lawrence is a joke.

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