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Fox boycott won’t work

TomShewmon (Tom Shewmon) says…
"...this is the age-old tactic of the left—when losing an argument, to start personal attacks and try to agitate and create chaos–—right out of rules for radical's handbook."

That's a laugh, if every incendiary post of yours was deleted, you'd drop below 2,000.

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Thousands marched 40 years ago at KU to protest Vietnam conflict

Boris, internet tough guy.

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Will women viewers turn away from Letterman?

Who cares? This is a bunch of people trying to make something out of nothing. Shoo, mon, meds, now.

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Kansas abortion battle expands into Nebraska

"...strong pro-life movement..."

Their first mistake. Loud and obnoxious but not as big and strong as they'd like to think.

Yes, these people are scary.

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Anger greets lawmakers at town hall forums

I'll bet $20.00 that the Craigslist advertiser is a Republican.

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Insurance greed

Gee, pilrgim2, insurance salesman, would certainly have no reason to lie. Your credibility is holding steady at zero.

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Paranormal investigators search Sigma Nu fraternity house

"Spend time doing something worthwhile!!! Volunteer to help someone in need! I have known a few people in my lifetime that claim to be “ghost hunter's”. They just weren't quite right. Paranormal or abnormal. I say Abnormal! What a waste of time!!"

Get over yourself.

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Faith-based help

"Why do so many liberals want to make this issue about religion vs. secularism when that is not the issue or argument?"

As if liberal/conservative has anything whatsoever to do with it. Fail.

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Bogus claims

stillmansrun = troll

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