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Leavenworth officer shoots, kills armed man

You answered your last question with your first statement.

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Eudora answers protest with ‘No Hate’

And his use of religion to spread hate doesn't already paint him as a hypocrite?

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Local trial lawyer defends profession’s role

No wonder people go on murderous rampages. These people should rot -- sooner rather than later.

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Sarah Palin: It's Your Birthday! What Your Gift Would Be

justbegintowrite (Ronda Miller) says…
"Obama seems to be doing a swell job of his own when it comes to insulting the people who voted for him. Snide smiles and comments to the other party should be beneath all our Presidents and candidates for same office.

The dems wear makeup and pretend to walk the walk and talk the talk. That isn't unique to Palin either. None of us are perfect. None of them are. We do have to trust, and perhaps pray, that some uniquely different politicians step forward. I can't remember ever feeling more disappointed in both parties."

Did you get a lobotomy?

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‘Tea party’ is Palin’s people

TomShewmon (Tom Shewmon) says…
"I nominate thelonious to head up the “hysterical” wing of the Democratic party."

There is nothing untrue or incorrect in T's post.

You call the people of Western Pennsylvania 'rednecks' yet you worship the Wasilla Hillbilly? You really are nothing but a troll.

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Obama: ‘Time to get serious’

barrypenders is nothing but a troll and it's amazing that he still exists here.

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Call of duty: Volunteer call line Headquarters could use a few more good listeners

Well, Un, then the statement doesn't apply to you. Does the internet often speak only to you?

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’Defense of others’ mulled in abortion case


You are a wackjob.

The first post said it all, it's a murder case, abortion has nothing to do with it.

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Statehouse Live: State suffers unprecedented revenue drops; Brownback to be on "prayercast" against healthcare reform

Why does Sam Brownback hate the citizens of Kansas?

Why is Wrong Way Sam praying for death and suffering?

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Senate report: Bin Laden was within grasp of U.S. troops

esteshawk (Anonymous) says…

Is nothing but an internet troll and I'm amazed when I visit this site and see that he is still here.

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