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Equality issue

This isn't about gay marriage. This is about the legal status of homosexual relations between two consenting adults. As you said, you "don't care what two or more consenting adults do in their private space". Therefore, I suppose you would support the repeal of this law that Brownback has refused to consider?

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Equality issue

I see no mention of marriage in their letter, so I think it s you who have conflated the issues. This letter is about the law that forbids sexual relations between two consenting adults of the same sex, and Brownback's refusal to consider it for repeal.

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Sloan's proposal for an electric car fee met with skepticism

"The Lawrence Republican's bill would create a new fee on the power electric car and hybrid owners use to charge up their vehicles.
. . .
Owners of electric cars or hybrids would be required to have separate meters at their homes."

My hybrid gets its battery power from the gasoline engine and regenerative braking... I hope this proposed legislation is at least smart enough to understand that. Regardless, it is an idea that I don't like and wouldn't support.

Of course, if he tries metering at my home, my meter will read a big fat ZERO every month.

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Joe Paterno, former Penn State football coach, dead at age 85

Going to the police and reporting that what his assistant told him would not have been false. It would be hearsay, which while not allowed in the courtroom, is a valuable investigative source.

Your argument is tripe. He shouldn't even have bothered with his "superiors" first.

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Lawrence 16-year-old injured in one-car accident just west of town

2012 Porsche - For some reason I doubt that this kid's family has money problems.

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Missing student Aisha Khan found safe

Or if you are talking about The Police.

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Event celebrates ‘power of light’ through giving

Nice job mixing valid criticism with trolling.

As someone Jewish, I take issue that this was done on government property. It should have been held at the Chabad House or on some other private property.

There is no War on Christmas... Have you seen all the Christmas decorations and did you attend the Downtown Christmas parade?

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Kansas Democrats name new director

This isn't a government position.

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Old Navy confirms it is closing Lawrence store

There is a store in Topeka on Wannamaker Road.

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WWII memories

I think we should blame the trolls...

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