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Atheists sue Kansas City officials over Baptist convention

Good point. I often hear of organizations cancelling their conventions or presentations based on some displeasure or disagreement with the host city. If they were going to have the convention anyway then I agree government subsidy would not be the best option.

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Atheists sue Kansas City officials over Baptist convention

May I ask a few more questions? How much money will be spent in Kansas City by having 10,000 visitors for a number of days? How much sales tax will be generated during that same time? How many business' and their employees will have additional work to be performed?

I never have claimed to be an economist but I can't help but feel Kansas City will receive far more benefits than they would give. Heaven forbid any government would ever consider the economic growth to their community.

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What would you like to see addressed at the 2016 Republican National Convention?

To the original question. I would like to see both of the parties return to the days of statesmanship rather than politics. I would also like to see the end of corporate and foreign government donations to both parties. Why are bribes still ok? At the top of my political wish pyramid would be the ending of the virulence that continues to thrust on the nation by the media and our countries "leaders". Of course that is not the government responsibility to fix. We, believe it or not, can strive to do that ourselves.

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What's your favorite grilled food?

Chicken thighs with the skin on.

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13 Lawrence restaurants owe more than $112K in back wages, U.S. labor department reports

Capitalism is not the problem. It is the people who intentionally or not cheat their staff and should be punished appropriately. Somehow deep down in my soul I believe the same would be true of dishonest people regardless of the economic system in place.

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US sues North Carolina over transgender bathroom law, calling it 'state-sponsored discrimination'

How silly that something like this becomes such an issue. It does seem that deflective stories arrive every once in awhile. I wonder what we are being directed away from? There are probably thousands of people with issues more serious than this but for now we will spend all of our time on this . Makes perfect sense.

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Kansas to toughen rules on transgender birth certificates

Mr. Weston, thank you. You provided exactly the personal opinion I was seeking. Why is asking questions so offensive to some. I appreciate your thoughts.

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Kansas to toughen rules on transgender birth certificates

Perhaps that was a bit of an over reach for which I apologize. But the basis of the question remains? In this world, which is changing faster than I can keep up, laws have to be finite at times don't they?

My question about the fluid nature of laws regarding birth certificates was honest. What if the person in question did want to return to their biological status? Can they then go back and have the initial birth certificate valid once again? It was not meant to convey any statement on my part.

Mr. Beyer I have found that the ways that I learn is to ask questions. It would be deceitful of me to assume that I had all the answers. I honestly want to hear what others think. Does it bother me a bit when people assume they know me...yeah a bit. I am not even confident I know who I am or what I believe..

To paraphrase Lao Tze, "I am". Pursued a bit deeper "I choose".

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Kansas to toughen rules on transgender birth certificates

Ah so you can assure me that no one who has ever claimed transgender has ever recanted?

I have no bleeping idea the issues these folks go through. I can say the same thing about being gay, being a woman, being of another race. So no I can not empathize. Sympathize yes. Being the parent of two special need children has allowed me to enter worlds that I never knew existed before and that has been a blessing to me.

So Mister Cooper I would say that you have absolutely no knowledge of me and how I think. You want someone who asks questions to be belittled for some reason. Just as another bit of history for you. I was an instructor and investigator for the United States Air Force for 7 years dealing with race relations and sexual harassment issues. I am a graduate of the Department of Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. So perhaps I have some idea.

My questions are not a statement of my beliefs they are an attempt to learn what others think. If that is offensive to you? Tough, grow up.

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Kansas to toughen rules on transgender birth certificates

Ah another question. What if the transgender individual has a change of heart/spirit/brain/ thought process and then want to be switched back? Will the birth certificate become a fluid document that can be changed daily, weekly or yearly dependent on the wishes of the individual?

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