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Tom Keegan: Look for some changes now that Bill Self has been elected president

For the past couple of years we have been blasted with political news, commentary and ridicule. Why, for heaven's sake, do we have to deal with it on a sports page. Grow up LJW.

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Letter to the editor: Exercise thanks

Agree whole heartedly. The entire complex is an example to other communities on how to "get 'er done" and add to the health of the area.

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Lawrence man accidentally shoots himself while cleaning firearm, police say

I was taught long, long ago to check the chamber and remove all ammunition from the room before even thinking about cleaning a weapon. Must agree with others, they walk amongst us.

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Letter to the editor: Reforming health care

I spent nearly 30 years of my life in the administrative side of healthcare. My position has always been that healthcare is like a three legged stool. One leg contains the providers of care. The second contains those who pay for the care, i.e. insurance. The third and final leg is for the patient. More often than not in these discussions we tend to forget that all three of the legs must be equal for the entire system to work properly. Most often its that third leg that is left out of the solution equations.

Some patients usually do not want "insurance". They simply want to have their healthcare to be paid for lock, stock and barrel by anyone, as long as its not them. However we still demand to best care, the most update equipment and providers that will be their for them whenever we demand.

Back to the first leg of our pretend chair. The cost of educating and compensating the health care industry is beyond comprehension considering the demands placed on it. Long gone are the days of a family doctor taking care of your entire family by him/herself. There will always be the fear of malpractice and other civil suits being brought that force providers to run every test, perform just about any task just to "cover themselves" from a dissatisfied patient. As you may have noticed there are fewer and fewer physicians in private practice. They cannot stay financially solvent because of the huge increase in costs they are facing. Now most physicians are employees of the hospital, creating more bureaucracy and limiting care since the physicians do not have to work 18 hours a day anymore.

Finally to the third leg. Who pays for it? Insurance companies are, for the most part, independent industries. They are not non-profit organizations. If they did not make a profit they would go under leaving less and less opportunity to help pay your bills. While I agree that premiums are increasing at alarming rates it is not going into the pockets of the investors of the company. That money is trying to keep up with the increased demands of people who want free healthcare for the slightest cold as well as the triple bypass cardiac surgery or the 35 visits to the radiation oncology department to aim their tools into the smallest parts of your body in an attempt to kill those cancel cells.

Quick question then I will get off my rant. I would suppose the majority of people have car insurance. When you have your oil changed or your tires rotated does your car insurance pay for that? What about your home. Do you keep it maintained and secure by various methods? Does your homeowners insurance pay for that?

I certainly do not have the perfect answer but I have seen some very shaky stools during my time in healthcare. If they continue to wobble because one leg is not even nothing will change.

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ACLU urges Kansas school district to stop barring safety pins

I heard a comment on one of the local news channels last evening that those teachers who didn't wear the pin would be viewed as racist. Kind of a difficult choice it would seem.

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Letter to the editor: Veterans for Trump?

Actually a recent study conducted by Harvard University, I believe, showed there are now 20 suicides a day among those that have served. 65% of that number are over 50. The greatest percentage rate of suicide increase has been among women. Surprisingly the suicide rate among veterans is only a few percentages higher than the general populace.

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Letter to the editor: Veterans for Trump?

I beg your pardon Mr. Beyer. Are you stating that I have never served. I will put my military record up to yours if you wish. I was in the Army for 7 years, spending my time in Vietnam. I got tired of sleeping in the dirty and spent 15 years in the Air Force reserve. Would you care to declare yours?

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Letter to the editor: Veterans for Trump?

Ah how sad. Dorothy what have you contributed to your country other the hated content of your posts?

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Letter to the editor: Veterans for Trump?

You have.

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Letter to the editor: Veterans for Trump?

Dorothy is it somehow offensive to you that I posted? You have no idea who I am nor what positions I take. Interesting that the frequent posters are so anti-new folks.

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