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One person killed, two injured in North Lawrence motel shooting

Without sounding truly uncaring I believe those countries of which you speak do not have the same economic and culture that has formed in the US. If it be acceptable let me reverse your question and ask why do cities like Chicago, where gun laws are very strict, have the highest incidents of gun violence. As I mentioned previously guns are used in bad ways but restricting them certainly will not solve the problem.

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One person killed, two injured in North Lawrence motel shooting

The fact that guns were used is bad. Attitudes of those using them were worse. If any of this discussion leads to the inevitable topic of the second amendment please remember that bad people have always had access to guns and taking that "right" away will not change that.

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Post hurricane, Lawrence gasoline prices highest in the state; Casey's files plans for Sixth Street store

I have often wondered why gasoline prices are significantly lower on the Kansas Turnpike than they are in Lawrence. That is something I have never encountered before. Normally the gauging comes from those stations that have a monopoly on folks travelling those roads.

Deep down I believe there is only one reason our prices are higher in Lawrence. Higher prices = higher profits.

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Vehicle reportedly following too closely before injury wreck on K-10 near Eudora

Couldn't agree more. I am often surprised that there aren't more accidents on K-10. Enforcement seems limited as best. Heck I believe at least 1/3 of the vehicles have NASCAR numbers on them.

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Kansas unveils new 'Real ID' driver's licenses, 3 years early

I would be curious if my military retired ID card would count as Federally Approved.

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Trump bars transgender individuals from U.S. armed forces

Dorothy forgive me but it seems you often bring up as a criticism about those who did not serve. Would you be so kind to share your military experiences? I know serving for you is a measure of validation for issues like this. If that is true why are so many commenting? I served for 22 years. Should my opinion be any more valuable?

Last question. Where were you late in the late 60's and early 70' Certainly gladly coming home to a country where you were looked on with disdain.

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Brownback allows gun bill to become law without his signature

Dorothy this has nothing much to do with this article. I am always disappointed when people us "not going to Vietnam" to further their point. A quick question. Did you go? If not let's not use this as an argument against someone please.

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$5 million award upheld in white professor’s discrimination case in Missouri

Wow the world certainly has changed. Or maybe it hasn't. Perhaps its just reversed.

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Local man to be featured in upcoming Ken Burns documentary about the Vietnam War

From one brother to another, thanks John. Great story.

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Letter to the editor: No defense increase

I remember the old comment, "If wishes were horses peasants would ride". I have no problem with the Friends group and their hopes for the future, but to obtain those lofty goals we must have the ability to defend them. It is disappointing to me that the US has become the world's police force but we are and the free world depends on us. To keep our freedom and the rights provided we must have a strong force to protect them from the outside and sometimes from within..

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