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Opinion: Syrian chemical weapon threat grows

Behind the smoke and mirrors, Saudi Arabia - the U.S. - Israel + western backed investors are cooking up a fine mess in the Middle East.

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Opinion: U.S. policy in Syria lacks clarity

"The genius of you Americans is that you never make clear-cut stupid moves, only complicated stupid moves which make the rest of us wonder at the possibility that we might be missing something."

- Gamal Abdel Nasser

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Everyday Life: Good for nothing

Western backed regime change and false flag/black ops that destabilize entire regions causing conflict and violence, do not qualify (IMO), as "wars".

- The invasion and occupation of Iraq cannot be called a "war."

- Israel's western backed military occupation of Palestine and constant acts of aggression and defiance of international law and human rights, against a largely defenseless population - is not a "war."

- If Iran is preemptively attacked -that also does not qualify as a "war"

All of the above are not "wars" - those are examples of Western/Israeli/Saudi policy in the Middle East to advance their interests; -colonization, expansion and control of the region.

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Opinion: Truces in Mideast always temporary

Israel is involved in colonization and expansion. At the expense of Palestinian's basic human rights and in violation of international law.

You have to be pretty dimwitted or blind to not see this.

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Opinion: Truces in Mideast always temporary

Way to stay off-topic

I expect nothing less from a Zionist / Neocon troll

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Opinion: Truces in Mideast always temporary

No no, the Israel/West Bank border is about 300km long - the wall is about 700 km long and cuts INTO the West Bank cutting Palestinians off from their water and agricultural lands, that the Israeli Illegal colonizers in the West Bank then steal.

Get your information right, scooter.

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Opinion: Truces in Mideast always temporary

That's strange

Unless my college professors are wrong, Egypt put the smack down on the British during 1956 Suez Crisis, kicked them out and ended a 74 year-long western occupation.

Also, don't forget, Israel's tank battalions were destroyed in 1973 war by Egypt. Carter came to Israel's rescue - but Israel was hobbling on one leg up to that point.

There is also Hezbola who despite their outdated and light weapons were able to put the hurt on Israel, killing at least 120 Israel troops. Meanwhile, Israel with all their jets, tanks and helicopters killed 400 Hezbola and then destroyed Lebanon's infrastructure - and killed over 1,000 civilians.

Learn history BOY! LOL

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Opinion: Truces in Mideast always temporary


Charles Krauthammer, author of this pro-Israel article and also authored the mind-numbing neoconservative dribble in articles such as: "Cheers for the Bush Doctrine" wants us to believe Israel is somehow innocent. (chuckle chuckle)

* 2005 Gaza "Pull-Out" = 9,000 Illegal Israeli colonizers out of Gaza and 12,000 Illegal Israeli colonizers INTO the West Bank --- Cost to U.S. tax payer for relocating Illegal Israeli colonizers (while violating international law) = $2.2 Billion *[on top of the $3 Billion we already gave Israel that year]

THEN, Israel bombs the Gaza powerplant cutting electricity / clean water to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians for almost a year. THEN, when foreign donors (Americans) give Gaza a new generator for their powerplant - ISRAEL BOMBS IT AGAIN! *[ - COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT - VIOLENCE AGAINST CIVILIANS = WAR CRIMES]

I love how Neoconservatives and Zionists gloss over facts.

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Opinion: U.S. should enter Mideast fray again

Here is what I said scooter, please explain to me how that translates into "Jews are a bunch of Nazis"

* "How do people ignore the fact that Israel has violated Palestinian's basic human rights as well as international law for 60 YEARS? -- Defending Israel's terrorist policies is like defending Nazis. "

( Zionist Trolling much???) I recommend you buy a new Hasbara manual or call up some more trolls on you GIYUS Megaphone.

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Opinion: U.S. should enter Mideast fray again

How about if Israel obeys international law - lifts the siege on Gaza and military occupation of the West Bank and respects Palestinian's right to self-determination and progress in their own state of Palestine?

It's not like there is a shortage of solutions, but all of them require that Israel do the right thing, abandon its colonial ambitions of a greater Israel and allow Palestinians to live with basic human rights and sovereignty in their own state.

Don't hold your breath tho

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