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Did you watch the debate Wednesday night and, if so, do you think there was a winner?

You've got my vote Willis :) my old man made me my first chili dog :( I miss my pa

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Do you ever send greeting cards?

No. Because nobody ever sends me anything other than Dear John letters :( It's a cruel world

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Do you think it is important to get a flu shot?

I don't eat any orange that can smile Wesley :)

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How much of a priority should education be in Kansas?

Taco Jahns makesa pretty gud fud

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Train derailment reported east of downtown Lawrence

Sounds like they got the engine or car back on the railway in 10 minutes. Now that's snappy fixin'!

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What do you think about the idea to install security cameras downtown?

Yeah then we'll have a chance to capture the Mass Street Big Foot on camera! He's been digging in the dumpsters and I always have to clean up after him. And he drinks a lot of booze and never bathes and when it's really dark he'll collect bottles and cans to buy BF chow

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What is the strangest pet you have heard of someone having?

I love my rocks autie :)

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What is the strangest pet you have heard of someone having?

I had a troop of baboons once. Not no more

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