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City to deliver recycling carts on Monday

It is a money making proposition for the city. In Germany they have mandatory recycling of paper, plastic, glass & aluminum each in separate containers. If you put something in your regular trash that's recyclable you get a 100 mark (euro) fine. Look for this friendly introduction to recycling to become mandatory in the future.

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As city grows northwest, many new students won't be allowed to go to Lawrence schools

Bottom line...students going to Perry-LeCompton will receive a much better education. Period !

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Lawrence man shot by police arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault; district attorney concludes shooting was justified

Certainly...if you would like to get close enough to use that against an individual who is loading a shotgun and already may have it loaded feel free. Common sense of survival and the failure to comply with the orders of a LEO by refusing to put the weapon down say shoot.

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Lawrence veterinarian brings old-time feel to treating animals

Doc is simply the best. Some 30 years ago he referred me to K State when my Keeshond was having knee issues. Bottom line : the condition was left to itself and she lived to be a nice old 15. It was for my piece of mind, I believe.

No less than 3 times within the last year I consulted him about apparent cognitive issues with our pit bull. He gave her some meds, but, as expected, there was only deterioration. There's no real treatment for human dementia/Alzheimers thus less for animals. He met us in his office on a Sunday night where we ended her mental torture.

He's just real...tells it like it is. He has no problem referring patients out when he feels it necessary. He's the best all around vet I've ever had and, although I now have a local vet for those specialty issues, he's my first choice for any issue always.

Brenda is very knowledgeable, helpful and precise. She's got a great sense of humor and keeps the office running smoothly. A no nonsense kind of gal, she rectifies situations swiftly and efficiently. I like that. I like them and will continue partnering with them as long as they can stand me, as I am pretty real myself !

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Future site of Lawrence police headquarters down to final four

Personally, I favor a central location with substations. That makes the most sense to me.

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Future site of Lawrence police headquarters down to final four

You would need to know how many personnel, offices, vehicles, and other necessary equipment the PD utilizes to realize why it is essential to house it all in the same location, if that is the choice.

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Suspect in Lawrence Subway armed robbery still unidentified

Security cam footage ???

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Lawrence physician convicted on federal tax evasion charges

Watching her life and career deteriorate over the past several years has been heartbreaking to me. She was always a superb physician.

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34-year-old Lawrence man charged in Friday shooting

Well, Bob, this might lighten up when convicted felons are mandated to serve their controlling sentences instead of being paroled. Talk to your Democrat friends about this while you all are preaching peace in a world that will not accept it because it has allowed the evils of sin and drugs to run rampant...because, as you know, people have rights.

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Theft of popsicle leads to police foot chase at Lawrence Dillons

The juvenile will be returned from whence she came and the governing judiciary will determine her fate...period. Socioeconomic status is irrelevant. Which part of the process do you believe is flawed ? If you don't like it, your vote is your voice.

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