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Person injured in fall from third-floor balcony

If there were no democrats, there'd be no one to hypocritcally preach the benefits of "tolerance", "diversity" and "peace and love", while they at the same time verbally condemn those who have the Audacity to disagree with them. That is what's wrong with all you "love diversity" but only until a Republican shows up and disagrees with you...then U completely lose your footing...and your argument.

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Mother of student injured in fall reads statement as part of settlement

Jayhawks71 said..."At the risk of sounding insensitive, to claim that the daughter is 30% at fault for falling off the roof is preposterous. Imagine if the daughter had driven her car and killed a pedestrian. Would 70% fault be attributed to the car manufacturer and the pedestrian? How many sober or legally "not drunk" people were on that roof that night that did not fall off? But for her impaired state, she would not be in her current situation; I am not so sure that a railing would have saved her from the fall. I wish the best for the young woman but in my book, I would give her 80% of the blame."I would go 50/50. Basically you have 2 parties involved in a dispute where each was liable for doing something "wrong". The "victim" was breaking the law (technically) by drinking alcohol as a minor. The "defendant" was guilty of a building code violation. Millions of minors consume alcohol every day. Millions of homeowners would not be found to be 100% code compliant if inspected. Let's get the world back to "personal responsibility". If we lived in a society and a culture where the mindset was that of everyone taking care of being responsible for "their own part" of things, then some idiot would have never been awarded a million dollars from McDonalds for serving hot coffee that the idiot then spilled on HIMSELF. The same idiot would have been the first to complain if s/he'd been served COLD coffee!! Come on people, let's all get out there and keep it real, taking responsibility for ourselves, and our own life's choices.

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