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What is your favorite winter drink?

Patron Silver...until my clothes fall off!!!!

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What is your favorite winter sport to watch or play?

I'm right there with you prospector, or at least I WISH I was there...Ad Astra is THE one for me!!! Instead, I sit here looking out my window at the mountains, drinking Rock Bottom ale...just isn't the same....would rather be in Larrytown drinkin' with the locals.....nothin' else like it!!!

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McLouth football player Trevor Roberts confident he'll pull through in wake of leg amputation

I just read with great sadness the story of Trevor Roberts injury. I must say to you, Trevor,that you are a remarkable young man with a full life ahead of you. As another reader posted, the prosthetics that are out now ARE AMAZING!! i unfortunately witness this on a daily basis as I live on a military installation. Sure,you will have a long road ahead of you,but the love of your family,friends, and total strangers will be what sustains you. I look forward to hearing about your progress as I just now discovered that my husband's sister and her family are friends with your wonderful family.Great things are headed your way...sure, you will go through some hell along the way. I suspect it will make you stronger,if that's possible. But, I know with the love and support of those around you,NOTHING WILL STOP YOU! Good luck to you.

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Do you like Bob Knight as a color commentator?

Couldn't help but notice the red-headed guy...he couldn't help but notice himself either! Where in the world did they dig THIS dude up from...1982? Always love a good joke...thanks for providing it for me Red-Headed Guy!!!

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The old college try: Students organize fundraiser for Joe College in its fight against Kansas University

I have been keeping tabs on this drama from day one as I am a hometown girl who makes it back to Jayhawk City 4-5 times a year so I am throwing my 2 cents worth into this pit.I am NOT a fan of Larry Sinks....he is an egotistical, arrogant jerk! How can I say this? Because I personally know him to be just that!! He was a little brat all through grade school (Kennedy),jr. high (Central), and high school(LHS). My brother used to run around with him, while I went to school with his older brother, Chuck(who happened to be a very nice guy and still is...). Larry was a rude,cocky troublemaker back then who never followed the rules . Some things never change...and although I dislike the guy immensely, I have to admit I love the store!! Every time I come home, my husband and I stop in to see my good friend Erin and pick up a couple shirts. We always leave with big smiles on our faces, probably because we have a good sense of humor and in this world, that helps. Sure, some of the shirts ARE outrageous, even offensive, but overall I believe they are meant to be just what they are,funny.If you are one of those who is offended by these shirts, simply look the other way...theres always going to be something out there that you don't like.Deal with it! Meanwhile, as much as I hate to say it, I do wish Larry good luck,(this will be the ONLY time I do!) As for the LUCK FEW shirts...Erin, I'll take TWO!! (My soldier will love to take it to Afghanistan later this year.) We love you girl!

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