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Snowbound: Rare white Christmas brings frustrations, fun

kappyblu- I called them this morning and she told me the carriers were going to try this afternoon again as some of them have gotten stuck. I live on a dead end street and haven't been able to get out. Also kind of disappointed that I saw 2 snowplows just down my street- why couldn't they of gone another 100 -200 feet and plow the rest??? Oh well that's life I guess...

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Former KU athletic director dies

What a horrible punch in the stomach. . . Bob will be sorely missed. Deepest Sympathy to Bob's family and friends. God Bless

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Tornado watch and flash flood warning expire for Douglas County

Not going to believe this but two kids are outside playing in the flooded retaining pond while it is lightning outside as well!!!! How stupid! I just hope they don't get caught in the drainage pipe when the water starts to recede. . . Not sure where the parents are at. . .

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Tornado watch and flash flood warning expire for Douglas County

I just peeked outside and the retaining pond across the street has overflowed and it looks like a lake! Also cannot see the curb to my street either.

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Critter Care: Cat’s death made better by offering shelter animal new home

How interesting! When I was younger I had a long-haired calico cat name "Brie" (I wanted a "fancy" name for her since she was so prissy). She lived to be 21 and when I was on my own, I got me a cat- tabby- and her name was "Cassie".She passed away 3 years ago just 3 weeks shy of being 17. I think real it's interesting to know the writer of this article had two cats of the same name! What are the odds!!!!

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Police arrest man after incident outside Club Axis

Ok ok when is it time to say this is enough and close this place down? This is getting to become a really bad place- I thought Lawrence "learned" it's lesson with the one downtown that finally got shut down. C'mon city people- get with it!

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FINAL: South Florida takes down KU women in WNIT championship, 75-71

I attended the game and had a blast! I wished the Lady Jayhawks would of won the game, but they sure gave us fans excitment today with their comeback to within 3 points right there at the end. Perhaps next year we can even get in the NCAA Women's Tourney and have a chance to advance. The girls had a great season and should not be sad too long. They gave So. Fla a scare. Good Luck next year Lady Jay's!!!

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Police investigating shooting outside Club Axis, as well as two other incidents overnight

Again??????? Need to take Club Axis out and put Village Inn back in- what good food they had. Really miss it.

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Jayhawks fly high as No. 3 seed in Midwest

I'm not expecting KU to go far since it's a different team than last year, so I will be pleasantly surprised and excited should they advance to the final 16 and/or 8 or beyond. Rock Chalk KU- GO JAYHAWKS!

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KU band heralded after recorded music switch

When we used to have season tickets (this was back when before KU decided we were not "rich enough" to donate to William's Fund- although we supported KU in other ways by attending all games and STAYING until final buzzer sounded, buying t-shirts, and anything with KU Jayhawks on it and attending pep rally's), my biggest thrill was listening to the band play and getting pumped up for that night's game. If KU decides to keep playing "other" music, I feel that they are taking away from KU's great traditon and making us look like the other schools. Why not keep KU the way it is- unique and special. As the saying goes: Why fix what is not broken? The band students, I'm sure get a big thrill to play for the team and the crowd and if you take that away from them- you don't have nothing. I've had a chance to attend one game since the 2003-2004 season when we lost our tickets to the rich people and really enjoyed the camaradie of the crowd and the band all enthusiastic for the game, even though it was a little school. Just listening to the band play brought back fond memories of the 30 years that we did have season tickets. (by the way in that 30 some years I only missed one home game due to a family event I had to attend). C'mon KU, let the band play on!

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