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Wetlands advocates look for new ways to stop construction of South Lawrence Trafficway as legal battle ends

Oh puLEEEZEEE GIvE IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These were man made to begin with and can be created again somewhere else. The so-called wetlands along 31st is a joke- it's gross looking and nasty looking. Not only that if it's "sacred" to begin with, 31st street wouldn't of been built. But it was. We need that bypass.

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Trash carts coming October 15

I don't need a cart. I already HAVE two trash cans and don't even use them as I for the most part only have one bag trash that I just set out to the curb. This new cart can sit at the curb as I have no room for another trash can when I already have two nice ones in great condiition. I don't live in a single house I live in a triplex so you don't have much space for a lot of things. City sure didn't think this clearly. Instead of wasting money on stupid carts, why not use the money and fix these streets!!!!

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10th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds state's approved route of South Lawrence Trafficway through the Baker Wetlands

YAY! Oh YIPPPEEEEEE so excited! and it's about time!! Should of been built 30 years ago.

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Town Talk: UPDATE: New police HQ building to cost $30 million; City staff presents plan to buy 23,000 trash carts; city estimating 7,000 households would see rate decrease with cart plan

Don't bother giving me a trash cart- I will not use it. I already have two 30 gallon trash cans. The reason I haven't used them is because being a single person, I only have one bag of trash and I am not going to sit a big can out for one little small bag trash. The bag I put out this morning was only about 2/3rds full. If city give me a container, I will just keep it out on the street as I don't have room for more carts/cans. I have no garage. Maybe someone can come by and "take" my cart as I don't want it. City leaders.... FIX the streets instead. Quit worrying about the trash. My street has not been repaved since I moved over here and it's been almost 9 years now. Nothing but potholes. City will come by and patch it a little. They will put down a new layer of pavement on a street right next to mine even though there is nothing wrong with it..... *sigh*...

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A message from the Journal-World about home delivery issues

Sunday morning I did not have a paper at my door. I first thought maybe due to the lateness of the game the night before, things were running a bit behind. So I tried calling... and calling ... AND calling. After about half hour or more I finally got someone around 7:45 am. She thought the carrier should have papers delivered by 8 am. I waited until around 8:30 to call again. After another 20-30 minutes I finally got through. She checked my address and thought carrier should of done my route but to give it about 9:15 before I call a third time. Finally I thought I will go get my paper but thought I try calling one more time- tried 3 times with no results and said never mind. So I went and bought me a paper. Probably about 12 or 1 pm I stepped outside--- OMG there was a sunday paper at my door! ERRRRR! I am a weekend delivery so I will see what happens this friday. That paper better be at my door- I have a shared driveway and if that paper is gone when I get up to go walk to the street to pick it up, I will most likely quit my subscription. All I ask for is the paper to be near my door as much as possible so that I dont have to go play hide and seek with my paper. Whoever my carrier is (or was if I don't have the same one) without asking they always put my paper on my door knob. I hope I still have same carrier and I hope they still bring my paper to my door (or close to it). I know someone who lives in an apt that get weekend delivery and last two days (monday and today) they been getting the paper. And several other people as well who do not have a subscription. Some of the residents in their apt complex that do get daily delivery are not getting their paper so thinking since they no longer have their regular carrier, the new person is delivering to the wrong apt. My question is this: if the $5 fee is to go to the carriers.... why are so many quitting?? Jornal World is in shambles big time....

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Jet sparks curiosity

I was out with my dogs and I heard it. Was so loud I thought it was a big plane and right over my head, but couldn't see where it was. Then I heard the second one and happened to look towards the north (ku campus area) and saw the military plane.

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City takes steps to change trash system

You really got to be kidding me. There is just me and I have ONE bag of trash. Rarely I might have two bags (maybe like once or twice a year). I already have 2 trash cans that are stored on my patio - if I get one from the city that will be 3 trashcans/carts that will be stored on my patio. I don't need a cart. I already have two trash cans. The reason I don't use a can is because I only have one bag of trash. also I don't use a cart/can because the trash workers just throw it on the ground or in the street. I am not putting a cart/can at the street for one lonely bag of trash. City can find better ways for use of their money like fix /pave streets that need it.

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Sears to close Lawrence store

Guess will have to go to Topeka and KC to do my shopping.... nothing here in Lawrence no more. No K-Marts and now no Sears? Walmarts sucks, Target has nothing... Penney's ok but can find MORE stuff and variety in Topeka and KC. ANd then city people wonder why no shopping in Lawrence??? Why? There's NOTHING......

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Power outages in northern, western Lawrence leave residents without

I live near 27th and Iowa and my power briefly went out just a little after 9pm then came back on. My Mom who lives by Walmart on 6th street says her power and all the surrounding houses and businesses are all out including Walmarts. She also heard a lot of sirens as well so not sure what up... Last friday while at Dillon's on 23rd, the power went out but then came right back on..

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Ex-employee links KU tickets to AD gift

Bob Frederick...... we miss YOU!!!! I wish we could find someone with integrity like you had.

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