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For some, campground is home, even in winter

I know how the Wallaces' feel and how some of the others get along without traditional homes to go to. I don't know what the terminology would be for the "hidden or ignored population" of the USA. However I do realize with the "recession", I believe started by the large corporation CEO's, which put the US in the dire-straits it is in presently.
The 7.7% unemployment rate reported by the Government in November saved the President his office, however unless he gets more political power to become more agreeable with his agendas he will struggle to the end of his term. The underlying truth of the real unemployment, people who are not counted because they don't qualify for benefits, have stopped looking for work is actually about double according to an article written in the December issue of the AARP magazine.
This country would not be in this "Fiscal Cliff B.S." if our largest corporation would have stayed in this country, if the CEO's were held responsible for their actions, and the millionaires would start paying their share of income taxes instead of the IRS allowing them so many deductions to write it off. OH: I believe I will PO some people here.
I've physically worked my a** off since I worked for the farm when I was 14, delivered newspaper, 192 customers by bike or sled until I turned 18. Served my 3 yrs of service, worked for new and used car dealers, a school bus mechanic, and various other jobs because I have Attention Deficit Disorder, which used to be known as Hyper-activity. March 30th, 2012 I had a STEMI which is the severest form of Heart attacks. I was implanted with 3 stents, which caused the loss of my 3 seasonal jobs.
I was refused unemployment benefits, signed up for SSI and SSDI, no response from them. I do have food and a place to stay until the end of January, thanks to some Good Samaritans. Tried to get the VA Hospital to do an ultrasound and do the heart rehab therapy, was put on a waiting list. The facility to assist veterans wanted to put me in a group home with addicts and mentally challenged people. I would not have been allowed to leave the building. Thanks but no thanks to them. You can't question the system as it's their way.
I will return back to doing seasonal work this March and can receive my early SS (which by the way has been earned) then will continue to work until they pile dirt on my dead body.

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