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Ruling leaves Medicaid expansion decision to state

Twist it how you want.......

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Ruling leaves Medicaid expansion decision to state

I’m 42, I did not go to college, was married at 19 and had a child at the age of 21. I have never been without health insurance. Why? I always had a job which provided it. I NEVER EVER entertained the thought of looking for employment someplace where health insurance was not a benefit. Many times it meant working a job most people would look down on me for or I had to take less money. Who cares, my family always had insurance and I never had a government handout.

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Lawrence 16-year-old injured in one-car accident just west of town

I hope the young man get out of this Ok! However I’m sure his attitude was the same as many of the fine citizens who post frequently about how it is there right to speed. It’s NOT. Speeding can kill you or anyone around you at ANY moment. Please slow down on the city streets, country lanes, and K-10!

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Missing student Aisha Khan found safe

If the Protesters get out of hand and are not peacefully assembled ABSOLUTELY! Weed is not legal therefore the breaking in of doors and the killing of the family pet is the fault of the person with the weed not the police. If you break the law then expect to pay the consequences (not you personally unless you break the law) To quote the movie Liar Liar “ STOP BREAKING THE LAW A-Hole” (Again not you personally unless you do)

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Missing student Aisha Khan found safe

WOW, I agree with Cheeseburger for a change. I'm glad she is home, however we should not encourage staging a scene to drop out of life for a few days.

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Still no sign of woman reported missing from KU's Edwards Campus

I hope she comes home safe and left the area on her own for her own reasons. However if this is not the case there is a very real lesson to learn here, dial 911. You should not be calling friends or relatives before 911 every second is important!

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Town Talk: Speciality grocer has looked at Borders but building still on the market; city to consider traffic calming for Crescent Road; bike lanes vs. on-street parking may become future issue

Perhaps it's because nobody feels like doing the speed limit. Look at K-10 no one needs or feels like doing the speed limit there either. When it comes to driving it seems self policing is the name of the game.

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Church leaders ask Kansas Legislature to stay out of illegal immigration reform

Do I How this frames your argument what?

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