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Letter: Reaction worse

So, how many Libertarian and Tea Party folks do you see rallying around him today? I am willing to bet that very few of the younger Libertarians (ie 18-35) even know who this guy is - let alone consider him to be some sort of hero.

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Letter: Reaction worse

Do you mean the reaction by KU to place him on administrative leave, or the decision by private citizens to send him death threats in retaliation?

I wholeheartedly agree with the letter writer if she means the retaliatory death threats. Nobody deserves death threats.

But I must disagree with her if she means the reaction of KU administrators. When you accept a job, whether public sector or private sector, you agree to abide by a code of conduct. Thus, if you are say something that makes your employer look bad (KU in this case), then you can be disciplined, even if the employer is in the public sector. The First Amendment protects you from criminal charges, but it does not grant you total immunity from any and all repercussions.

The real problem we are facing is the closing of mental health facilities. Granted, medicines have allowed many people to live outside such institutions, but not all people are willing to take medicines. More importantly, some conditions can not be fully resolved with medicines.

This leaves two choices:
Live at home
End up in prison

Unfortunately, neither option is ideal - especially the latter. The sad fact is that mental health facilities are still needed in our society - but of course without the bizarre experiments that marred the practice in the distant past.

Keeping guns out of the hands of those with severe mental conditions is important, and it is advocated by many gun owners and gun rights organizations. The gun is just a very small part of the equation, however.

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Letter: The Undeserving

Nothing in life is free. All of these wonderful sounding ideas have unintended consequences.

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Letter: The Undeserving

Which will then put many insurers out of business, giving the Federal Government a monopoly - in other words, we are going to single payer someday if we follow the current course.

The only thing worse than the current insurance mess will be a monopoly on insurance or a single payer system where the government is the monopoly.

Then doctors and hospitals will be able to charge even higher prices because "the government will pay for it". Of course, we will be paying for it in taxes.

Patient-Doctor > Patient-Insurance Company-Doctor > Patient-Government-Doctor

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Letter: The Undeserving

There was a time when we did not have a massive health insurance network. Thus, if a doctor wanted to stay in business, he or she could not charge more than what customers could pay. If they did, they would see a great reduction in business as patients had the ability to choose a doctor that provided the same service for a better value.

Now, a doctor or hospital can charge exorbitant amounts of money because, "the insurance company can pay for it". Of course, we the patients pay for it one way or the other thanks to our insurance premiums.

If we got rid of insurance, health care costs would plummet dramatically.

The problem is the insurance industry, not the health care industry. Unfortunately, the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare), does not affect the health insurance industry except to require that we purchase their product. This will simply increase the costs of a doctor or hospital visit.

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Letter: Federal rights

I don't use it. I was quoting LBJ.

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Letter: Federal rights

I understand Roosevelt (D) showed a lot of compassion towards Japanese Americans...

Eisenhower (R) mostly wanted to punt the issue to the next president.

I understand LBJ (D) mainly wanted to pass the Civil Rights Act so "the n-gg-rs would be voting Democratic for a generation". His words, not mine. I hate that awful word.

Not one politician was effective in Katrina. Not the Mayor (D), not the Governor (D), not President Bush (R).

President Obama (D) has lived the African-American experience about as much as I have (in other words, not much), and poverty is even more rampant in the African-American community since he took office.

Are we seeing a patter of balls getting dropped here (D and R alike)?

Seriously, can you name ANY POTUS, regardless of political affiliation, who actually cared about minorities? Anyone...crickets...anyone... Maybe President Lincoln.

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Editorial: Just say no

Why don't you move to Baldwin then? Oh, wait, then you would have to deal with Maple Leaf traffic once per year.

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Opinion: Just think about Ted Cruz for a minute

I understand that, but many people will take an opinion piece and parrot it as if it is investigative journalism. For evidence of this, see any discussion board below any opinion piece.

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Opinion: Just think about Ted Cruz for a minute

Why would it be wrong to let Canada run its pipeline? Is this author saying that we are doing them a favor by disallowing the pipeline? That is odd.

Yes, Canada has socialized medicine. Canadian citizens come to the US for care.

Karl Marx wrote his book while in England? What does that have to do with the price of tea in China.

This is a piece of creative writing, for sure. It's irony is not lost on me. That being said, it is not investigative journalism.

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