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End of a long tradition: High school musicians won't be performing at stadium for KU's 70th annual Band Day

Put a consistent 7-5 or 8-4 football team on the field and students and alumni couldn't care less about Band Day.

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Kobach to announce plans on governor's race within 2 months



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Jayhawks have new uniform option for postseason

Why would a team go to a new uniform 30 games into the season? That's just asking for bad karma.

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Tom Keegan: Josh Jackson gets that the point is winning

Perhaps the thing that has stood out most to me this season is, Josh Jackson is one of the few one-and-dones I've every seem who truly gives a d@mn about winning.

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School board abruptly adjourns meeting after audience disruption; police called

"Shouldn't social issues and current politics be discussed in Social Studies?"

Yes, but you've got to be careful with some -- maybe most -- middle school-aged kids. Their brains aren't anywhere near done yet. Some will get the value of a good discussion; others will leave class and all they know is, "Mr. Teacher used the word '[whatever]' today."

And frankly, none of us know what "racist remarks" the guy actually used. If you asked the 25 kids in the classroom what happened, I bet you'd get 25 different answers now that this thing has blown up.

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Several incumbent Kansas lawmakers bow out just before filing deadline

And that's exactly what's happened in a lot of cases: One member of Team Tinfoil Hat bows out, knowing he or she is going to get drilled in the upcoming election. They, along with ALEC/AFP/Kansas Chamber select a replacement who's just as nuts but doesn't have a voting record to defend. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. The only way to ensure that we won't end up with more of the same is to vote Democratic, Independent or Libertarian.

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What would you miss most if you had to live off the grid?

Philosopher = unemployed

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Who's your all-time favorite Kansas University men's basketball coach?

I vote for Roy, 1988-1994, before he started believing his own press.

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KU students, staff sound off on possibility of concealed carry of guns in campus buildings

I'd be interested to know who was the impetus behind this group. Whose agenda are they pimping?

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

"I was one of those students mentioned in the article who joined friends who had saved spots in line..."

And this, my friends, is the problem. Two freshmen saving seats for 8th floor McCollum.

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