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Several incumbent Kansas lawmakers bow out just before filing deadline

And that's exactly what's happened in a lot of cases: One member of Team Tinfoil Hat bows out, knowing he or she is going to get drilled in the upcoming election. They, along with ALEC/AFP/Kansas Chamber select a replacement who's just as nuts but doesn't have a voting record to defend. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. The only way to ensure that we won't end up with more of the same is to vote Democratic, Independent or Libertarian.

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What would you miss most if you had to live off the grid?

Philosopher = unemployed

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Who's your all-time favorite Kansas University men's basketball coach?

I vote for Roy, 1988-1994, before he started believing his own press.

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KU students, staff sound off on possibility of concealed carry of guns in campus buildings

I'd be interested to know who was the impetus behind this group. Whose agenda are they pimping?

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

"I was one of those students mentioned in the article who joined friends who had saved spots in line..."

And this, my friends, is the problem. Two freshmen saving seats for 8th floor McCollum.

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KU provost's April Fools' Day letter announces barbecue research center, Jayhawk Boulevard swim lanes

I find nothing funny about learning that a BBQ research institute is not actually going to happen.

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Self downplays run-in with 'animated' Iowa State fan

I won't name him, although it doesn't take much to find out who he is. The clown who wanted to chat with Coach Self is an "honorary" ISU alum and has donated millions to the university. He sits right behind the bench. You can't make this up.

What I loved most about the photos is the way his wife is just standing there, mortified at what a boob her husband is.

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Poll shows low approval rate for Brownback

Dave Kensinger is to Sam Brownshirt as Karl Rove was to W.

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Jayhawks plan payback, not backflips, at Oklahoma State

"As long as I defend and rebound, he’ll let me play with as much freedom as I want.”


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Elijah Johnson reclaiming role as Jayhawks' driving force

This piece flies in the face of everything we've seen the last 10 days, particularly last Monday night. I appreciate the kid's swagger, but if he truly believes this, he could shoot-and-turnover KU right out of the NCAA tournament.

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