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Police searching for driver who fled during traffic stop

Finally!!! Cops not creating a high speed chase through the streets. They know his name, they can find him.

Unless a suspect is committing a violent crime, it's really pathetic to see police not only chase a suspect, usually at great speeds, they often deploy other officers and sometimes use helicopters on the chase. What a waste of resources!

He was pulled over for a plate violation? Not really a big deal.

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KCK man sentenced to eight years in prison for robbery of KU student

Amazing!! I have Antonio Floyd and Damon Kopp break into my home, WHILE I'M HOME, during the middle of the day and get nothing!!! I thought I was going to die that day. 6 months was what they got. I had to move because I was so afraid to be home.

I had some women Judge sentence Antonio and I could tell she was going to do NOTHING!!

Later, he committed a far worse crime and is finally in prison.

Messed up system!

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Westar aims to prevent outages with tree-trimming program

A couple years ago, the city decided my trees needed to be, ummm, trimmed? They gave me no notice, they did this while I was at work, and I was called by friends that drove by my backyard (I back up to Wakarusa) and they couldn't believe the destruction that was done to the trees.

I got home and not only had they destroyed all the trees near the power lines, they destroyed all the hosta beds that were under the trees, kicked rocks out of the same beds and the grass was ruined by all the branches that fell.

I live on the mostly residential side of Wakarusa and the power lines are on our side. The other side is mostly business. You would assume they would have fewer trees. Why not move power lines instead of constantly butchering? Cost? I really don't care. My taxes are higher and higher and my home is worth less and less.

There is a right way and a wrong way to handle this.

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Lawrence senior citizens' flash mob video at Target getting national attention

You need to learn to spell correctly. I'll help you here. A little, a lot. Get it? It's not one word. It's two and always has been. Alot is not correct.

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Brownback apologizes for overreacting to student's tweet

Sadly, she came from Rossville, KS. At least that's where she went to high school. I think she should be fired too!

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Investigators say west Lawrence house fire was accident caused after cooking on grill

There is probably some ordinance regarding grills on decks of apartment buildings, but I highly doubt grills are ILLEGAL on decks at single family homes.

If there were, 99.9% of the homes with decking in Douglas County would be "illegal".

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Texting ticket

I'm sure with the brilliant minds that develop all the latest gadgets, an "app" or device could be installed in phones that completely stop the ability for phones to work while a car is in motion. I'm sure there is even a way to stop the text message screen from opening up while the car is in motion. Once the car is completely stopped, the phone would be usable again.

Maybe this could even come directly from the cell phone company and be part of a parental control.

I survived high school and, yes, even college without having a cell phone to use while driving. These kids can too.

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At least one killed in head-on crash on K-10 in Lenexa on Saturday morning

I totally agree!! So sorry for the families that will have to deal with the sadness of losing loved ones. Shaun, everyone makes mistakes and that mistake in your article was a small one and easily corrected, especially when you can update your story instantly on the website.

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Paddlers take to Kaw for river race

There were a lot of canoes. My husband was in one of them.

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Paddlers row, row, row their boats in 100-mile Kansas River race

I love your idea and excitement. It was sad that Lawrence or the LJW didn't even really know about this race. Manhattan's Mayor came and spoke to the racers before it started Friday night and there was a huge turnout of supporters.

It was the first year and it had a ton of paddlers. It will keep growing.

On a sad note, there was a moment of silence in Manhattan for Dr. Ryan Moore as he was scheduled to race in this and each boat had his race number in his honor.

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