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In efficiency fight, school officials counter that cuts have already left deep wounds

Kansas has ~300 school districts for 105 counties. But Brownback took consolidation off the table when he announced his "task force" so that avenue for savings was closed from the get-go.

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City wants payment over Varsity House reassembly spat

Forget the fine. Just cut him off from government subsidies for 5 or 10 years. That's worth more to his bottom line than any fine would be.

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KU working to recruit legacy students

You realize out-of-state tuition is more than twice as much as in-state tuition, right? So the out-of-state alumni students are still paying more even with the scholarships.

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State to investigate ethics complaint against AG Schmidt

"Kansas disciplinary administrator Stan Hazlett sent letters to convicted domestic terrorist Cheryl Sullenger, dated Sept. 24, saying his office plans to investigate."

Fixed your story.

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Kansas trailer soon to have Kansas tags


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Editorial: Clear victor

Ha - your source is a Romney ad. Classic.

Romney says he will cut taxes by 20 percent across the board. That equals $5 trillion. He has not named a single deduction or loophole he would close, though you could close all of them on the rich and it still wouldn't come close to offsetting the cost. (And offsetting the entire cost would both result in huge tax increases on the middle class and generally negate the point of tax cuts anyway, so his plan makes even less sense.)

But go on back to your fantasy world where math is whatever Mitt Romney says it is.

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Editorial: Clear victor

So you're saying that Romney never proposed a huge tax cut, never opposed his own health care plan and never railed against government regulations. You know there are recordings of him saying all of these things, right? Or are those just "whoppers" too?

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Editorial: Clear victor

"Will significant numbers of Obama supporters pause and say to themselves, “This is a different Romney than I had pictured...""

The same could be asked of conservative Romney supporters, considering Mitt spent the entire debate running away from the positions he's taken over the last 2 years as he claimed to be a "severe conservative."

Real Mitt: I love tax cuts so much I'm proposing $5 trillion in them. I hate Romneycare & government regulations

Debate Mitt: I'm not proposing much of a tax cut at all. I also love Romneycare & regulations.

Dolph* hates Obama so much that he's willing to have anyone get elected instead. Which is what makes Romney his perfect candidate - on any day he can be anyone.

* poolside - This piece is so long and rambling that it is a definite Dolph Original.

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Simons' Saturday Column: State must demand change to upgrade universities

Shorter Dolph: Forget long-term solutions, only look for short-term ways to game the rankings. Oh, and make me Regent.

And it wasn't "a week or so" after the meeting that K-State said it wanted to be known as "Kansas State." It was AT THAT MEETING. Do you even read your own newspaper anymore?

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Brown, Holland trade verbal jabs over tax cuts, school funding, K-10 safety

"On school funding, Brown said two Eudora school board members told him that recent budget cuts in the Eudora school district were needed to cut "some dead weight.""

I didn't know Charles and David Koch were on the Eudora school board.

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