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Managed-care organizations staff up in preparation for KanCare

Republican logic: A job created by the government is bad, but a job created by a government contract is good.

And how exactly is the state going to save money by having more people working in the health care bureaucracy AND giving these companies a profit AND not cutting services for poor families and kids? Will anyone be surprised if the services are the first to go and profits the last?

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Simons' Saturday Column: Stakes are high in the current federal tax debate

If it's Saturday, it must be Dolph ranting about either KU or Obama. I see it's Obama's turn this week.

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Kobach touts success of Kansas photo ID law

If 717 legitimate voters not having their votes counted unless they jump through even more hoops is "success," I don't want to know what failure looks like.

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Editorial: Court, politics

This from the newspaper that not only endorsed Brownback in 2010, but not more than a month ago told its readers to vote for Republicans no matter who they were running against or what they stood for.

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Costs, scope of proposed recreation center escalate

"“I think it is an extraordinary opportunity for the city because of the notoriety we’ll receive..."

Yes, because we want to be notorious.

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Editorial: Other choices

Remember that this newspaper also told us to vote for Sam Brownback.

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Editorial: Libya questions

So which Simons are you? Dolph 3?

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Editorial: Libya questions

I guess all that "growth" is why the paper gets smaller and smaller, they've laid off reporters, and they just emptied out their bigger building downtown and put it up for rent.

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Editorial: Libya questions

And Dolph has become a full-fledged member of the Tin Foil Hat Brigade. Maybe he's hoping Rupert Murdoch will buy what's left of the LJW after he's done running it into the ground.

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