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Have you spotted a bear recently in Douglas County?

This year has been full of unexpected critters by our pond. A wild pig just walking along, a dead bobcat kit (cub?) and yesterday a dead fawn --- still limp, not dead long.

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What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

Clint Eastwood in the Chrysler ad

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Westar, KCC staff file settlement that would increase electric rates by $50 million

Thanks for the link ---- the compensation numbers for the company execs is eye opening.

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How old were you when you first came to Lawrence?

In 1951 the flood and I both came to Lawrence --- I was about five.

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Shawnee man accused of peeking into women's showers at KU dorms faces eavesdropping charges

"Eavesdropping"? So he was opening the shower curtain and listening to the water?

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In Plain Sight 7/10/2011 (Solved)

It looks as if there is a tree growing out of the roof --- but the roof line on the building behind matches the front building pretty closely --- making it look like one building. Final answer

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Attorney working on South Lawrence Trafficway lawsuit says attempt at mediation ended in impasse

Andy, I think it would be interesting to see what the court costs (including attorney fees, from both sides of this issue) have been to date. Also, who is paying for both sides. While you're at it, why not compare the projected costs for the completed roadway at the first proposal to what they are now.

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What was your favorite television show when you were a kid?

Tom Terrific --- a little guy with an upside down funnel for a hat. If you belonged to the Tom Terrific Club, you'd get a transparent plastic sheet that you could stick to the TV screen (black & white and all of about 10 inches ) so you could draw along with him.But the thing I watched the most was probably the indian test pattern on WDAF.

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