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Lawrence students outperform state on ACT exams

It's true that higher pay helps attract the best teachers. But that's not the only thing. It's also about working conditions. Olathe draws from Lawrence (and vice-versa, by the way), but they've also been recruiting teachers out of KCK and KCMO. The supt. of KCK testified at the school finance trial last summer that they've had teachers recruited out from under them to go to Johnson County in the middle of a contract year, even though the teachers have to pay liquidated damages for breaking their contract.

Some have argued that the highest pay really ought to go to teachers who are willing to work in the poorest, most troubled schools where test scores are persistently low and where students need them the most. But there has never been a concerted, statewide or nationwide effort to make that happen because (a) it's very expensive, and (b) money isn't the only thing that attracts the best teachers.

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Annoying cliches in education jargon

The school district has not announced that schedule yet.

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State board refutes Common Core privacy concerns

If you click on the "home" link of that web page, you will see the following statement in bold, red type face:

NEDM is a conceptual data model and NOT a data collection. There are no data in NEDM or collected by NEDM.

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Private roads remain thorny issue for the county

A private road is more than a driveway. Typical zoning and platting requires all homes and businesses to have access onto a public right of way. Yes, it's partly for emergency response vehicles. Sometimes that's not feasible because a city or county doesn't want to pay the cost of building and maintaining a public road that only serves one person's house. So, for a time, Douglas County allowed private roads under certain conditions.

In some places, private roads are built to serve "gated communities" or other kinds of private community developments (lake resorts, etc.) because private roads enable the owners to control who may come into the controlled area and block access to anyone who doesn't have a legal right to be there.

It's a policy choice for governing bodies to allow them or not.

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Community Mercantile outlasts competition and changing marketplace

The Merc did indeed move into its present location in 2001. The story above has been corrected accordingly.

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Community Mercantile outlasts competition and changing marketplace

That story seems to be apocryphal.

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State expects Common Core testing costs to be lower than national estimates

According to Marianne Perie at CETE, WestEd's contributions for Kansas assessments ended in 2008. CETE took over all of the item development at that point.

She also acknowledged that CETE created some "selected response" items aligned to Common Core standards that were used in the 2013 tests. However, she said CETE is preparing "technology enhanced items" that will be used in the 2014 test that will look much more like those being developed by SBAC. By 2015, she said, CETE will be in a position where it can either deliver the Smarter Balanced test through its KITE system, or provide a similar assessment.

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Lawrence school board eyes other sites for career and technical education center

District officials say KDHE has told them East Hills requires substantial remediation before the land can be used as a school building. It's the site of a former chemical plant.

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Residents irate over quarry blasting

The USGS does NOT have monitors in this area anymore, and haven't had them for about 20 years. That's per folks at the Kansas Geological Survey. There are some in Missouri around the New Madrid fault, but not here.

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Newton company to benefit from state budget proviso after 'Read to Succeed' initiative not approved

K-12 now consumes less than 50 percent of state general fund spending.

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