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Why children's advocates worry about future tobacco settlement payments

They're not two separate things. Issuing bonds that are backed by thefuture payments is the method by which the future payments are "sold off." Sorry for the confusion.

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Kansas Senate passes budget that includes cuts to KU and student financial aid

According to the Board of Regents, students at private four-year institutions make up 17.45 percent of all students at four-year institutions. But your money isn't going to fund the institution. It's funding the Kansas students, regardless of which school in Kansas they attend.

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Polling averages show tight Kansas governor's race

Thanks, that's been fixed. But the basic point is still valid: the size of the undecided vote is larger than the spread between Brownback and Davis. And given how early we are in the season, the race is still up for grabs, statistically speaking.

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Fact-checking on Kansas economy reveals questionable claims

I beg to differ. The story describes in detail how the ad made a claim based on a NY Times editorial. I tracked down the source of that information and wrote about it. Read the story.

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Lawrence school district offers modified tenure process, 1.6 percent pay raise

Tenure is a perfectly acceptable word to use to describe the concept of job protection after passing an initial probationary period. Tenure does not apply exclusively to college professors. The law in Kansas that the Legislature repealed for K-12 teachers was originally known as the Tenure Act.

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Kansas House committee chairman resigns amid GOP disputes over school funding

Both equally. State funding is a uniform amount per pupil, regardless of what grade they're in.

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Wind turbines like these could soon be used to produce power for utility companies in the eastern Un

I took that picture just off I-70, west of Salina.

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School finance case to have political consequences, experts say

The Memorandum Opinion and Entry of Judgment issued on Jan. 11 begins with the words, "In the District Court of Shawnee County, Kansas ..." It was the Shawnee County court because that court has original jurisdiction in many cases in which the state is a defendant. But yes, it was a three-judge panel appointed pursuant to legislation passed after Montoy. You can view the district court opinion here:

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