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McLemore declares for NBA Draft

Who cares about your mixed emotions? How do you know how he's going to perform on the next stage? Let him enjoy life and his decisions and at least, encourage him! I agree, it would be awesome if a lot of players would be able to enjoy a full 4 year college experience but there are other factors that play into a lot of these personal decisions that we eventually have to respect.

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McLemore declares for NBA Draft

What a fine outstanding young man.

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Picking a preschool: How to find the right fit

A lot of the schools mentioned here do a good job in general. However and unfortunately they lack greatly when it comes to the types of food served to growing children. <P>People like to dismiss the quality and type of food being served at these pre-schools or being careful about children’s’ environment as over-parenting. They still don’t understand how little is regulated when it comes to carcinogens and neurotoxins off-gassing into our children’s breathing space via building materials and things like cleaning products, genetically modified food and pesticides. They don’t get how fundamentally unprotected we all are.<P>
Here are some environmental health questions to ask schools before enrolling your children in them.<P>

1. Do you serve organic food?
2. Do you use non-chemical methods to control pests in or around your facility?
3. Do you avoid using cleaning products labeled with the signal words WARNING, DANGER, or POISON (with the exception of chlorine bleach), or use least-toxic alternatives like baking soda, vinegar, and liquid soap?
4. Was your facility constructed before 1978? If so, are you keeping the facility free of flaking or peeling paint, which is likely to contain lead, and regularly cleaning areas around doors and windows?
5. Do you avoid toys made of soft vinyl (PVC) plastic? Do you regularly check for any recalled toys and promptly remove them?
6. Do you flush pipes (until water is as cold as it can get) before collecting water for drinking or cooking?
7. Do you encourage people to wipe their shoes before entering, or maintain a shoe-free facility?
8. Do you only use art and craft supplies approved by ACMI (Art & Creative Materials Institute)?<P>

As parents, we should make our pre-school(s) aware of this and assist them in making a positive change, especially if our kids attend them. <P>
For those that want to do more independent research, Google Robyn O'Brien (her Facebook page is better) or visit

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City ordinance lands unlicensed solicitors in jail

Yeah, that's a very good and cost friendly idea.
It can be nerve wracking for a woman to answer their door not knowing what to expect.
Please do not solicit. There will always be people that will take advantage of rules that benefit honest salespeople. Don't want to take that chance.

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Sandbar float 'Harlem Shakes'

Ha ha ha haa haaa!

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Some restaurants charging for tables during tournament

I think that is a good idea.
There is a balance as well because some places are not going to implement that rule.
Not bad!

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NCAA tourney gives KU-Western Kentucky couple rare chance to have some competitive fun

Ha Haa!
The joy of sports!
What a lovely couple!

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Sound Off: Compost sale

This is awesome! I've been waiting for this!

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