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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A different round of golf

Jeff is a fantastic guy and fantastic golf pro. The SNAG program is a great program to teach kids golf.

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Lawrence seniors picking up pickleball

I would like to start a collection to get the guy in the picture another pair of socks (although, the green does look very pickle-ish).

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Shooting reported Tuesday night during road-rage incident; police looking for driver

Even if he didn't fire a gun, he should still go to jail just for having a lime green Mustang.

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Keepsake support group gives local children outlet to grieve

This sounds like a wonderful program. Kudos to Ms. Rooney for doing this important work.

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GOP tax plans would increase taxes on low-wage Kansans, decrease taxes for high-income Kansans, report says

Right, but under 3/4 of the proposed plans (and under both of the current plans offered on 5/22), anyone making $37k or more would see a decrease.

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GOP tax plans would increase taxes on low-wage Kansans, decrease taxes for high-income Kansans, report says

The article seems to be somewhat misleading. The article says that only those making $60k or more would receive a tax cut. However, according to the attached chart, 3 of the 4 scenarios would result in a tax cut for anyone making $37k or more. In other words, under 3 of the 4 scenarios, 60% of tax-payers would see a decrease. The headline says that the tax decrease would only be received by "high-income Kansans" which seems misleading when anyone making $37k or more (which is certainly not high-income) will see a decrease in taxes. A fairer headline might read ". . . decrease taxes for lower middle class, middle class, and higher income Kansans"

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U.S.' largest tanker base to be in Wichita

Fantastic news for Wichita.

For those questioning Brownback, why would Brownback have any control over how the Feds spend their money at an Air Force base? He has no authority to accept or not accept money that is being spent at a federal facility like an air force base.

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Bid for recreation center comes in about $10 million lower than expected; questions grow over other cost estimates

Is this the same entity that messed up the Varsity house project? If so, why would the city possibly consider hiring them again?

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Two KU students arrested in connection with break-in at Memorial Stadium

Sound like a couple of smooth criminals. They managed to make it a whole two blocks or so before getting busted.

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About 100 people rally against policies of Brownback and legislative majority

100 people? I am not a Brownback fan, but this is a pretty sad reflection on the opposition to Brownback if this is all they can come up with for a pre-planned rally. If this is the best they can do, we might as well skip the next election and just give Brownback his next 4 years.

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