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Midge Grinstead resigns after 14 years leading Lawrence Humane Society; Mike Wildgen named interim leader

As someone mentioned, there is alot more to this story regarding the pay issue. DOL fined based on a little known rule about how many hours a person can work and be considered "salary". Anyone know that exact number? If you are like most of us, you won't know it. I would venture that the board didn't even know that hours rule. So some people who were thought to be salary should have been paid hourly and overtime. That is what the fine was about. AFTER DOL had audited, made their ruling, a BOARD MEMBER takes it upon herself to further audit and comes up with "fines" that are owed that the DOL didn't even assign.
Amazing how some of these board members are such experts in so many areas. The telling answer is WHY a board member would follow up a DOL audit with information that makes the shelter look worse than it is? A little known fact is that Midge tried to work with
several employees that needed time off (one had cancer) and she gave them time off but the board ( and a few employees who had nothing better to do) stirred that up to be something illegal. Why would they do that when her intention was good? Another little known fact is that Midge's husband who used to work there was one of those people who should have been compensated more. He turned down the extra compensation.

If anyone has seen Midge's office, seen the car they drive or knew their lifestyle, this is a woman who DEDICATED her life to animal welfare. She was not in it for the money and she certainly wasn't out to cheat anyone. Matter of fact (check it) she had nothing to do with the pay or accounting procedures. That fell to someone else but I'm sure they said it happened "under her watch "which is just another line that is used when someone is targeted.

I am very disappointed by all that has gone on with this board , their poor judgment in handling concerns within the shelter and their overall lack of support to what is important - animal care. The focus of a shelter should be on the animals- not petty jealousies and politics.
My support will follow Midge because I believe in her philosophy, her character and
what she is willing to devote to this cause. I can't support the poor structure and lack of leadership of the board like this one. I am hoping Midge is given financial backing to start her own animal rescue group. Then she can put her energy back into what's important
and the current board can run the shelter into the ground and only have themselves to blame. At least there would be another place for the animals to go that wasn't a roller coaster of politics. So sad.
Midge doesn't read these posts but if someone talks to her - let her know I admire her
and wish her well.

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Two dead, two injured in industrial accident at Lawrence's MagnaGro International

Business owners who value their employees , value safety. It doesn't sound like this one cares much about its employees, the community or anything unrelated to their bottom dollar.
I hope there is some accountabiity with this company depending on what the investigation proves.
My heartfelt prayers are with these families and co-workers tonight.

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Rescue programs give pups a wing and a prayer

lawrenceguy40, I, too, am puzzled by reactions --but NOT why people care about living things. It's more when people hear about animal rescue and their first comment is, "That's nice but what about abused children who need our help?" Like it is one or the other? First of all, many people who do rescue work, are also just as compassionate to children & others. I try to do both and I know many other animal lovers who do the same.

I would ask those people who think the children are being shorted by someone rescuing an animal - what specifically are THEY doing for the children in their community? What have they contributed to that person who is unemployed or bankrupt due to medical bills? Why judge people who are doing SOMETHING?

Second, it never should be between helping children OR helping animals. How about questioning why someone spends a thousand bucks on season tickets? How about that beer money? Golf? Cosmetics? Ipod? HD TV? We all spend money on luxury items we don't need in order to survive. Yet, for the animals and chidren we are talking about - the money and support IS a matter surviving. You may do alot for others but I would guess you have disposable income used for things not needed for your survival. Shouldn't we all question that instead of making it about helping children OR animals?

Lastly, check out the research on a person's attitude and treatment of animals & how that can indicate other things going wrong in the home. Child abuse, Spouse abuse,
neglect... Sometimes those things are discovered by someone who is rescuing a starved pet they see outside and it leads to what is going on inside the home. There is more to animal rescue than what you assume it to be.
As for alm77, just a comment to being surprised at labs not having homes.
Puppy mills and backyard breeders operate off supply and demand. If one breed of dog becomes popular because of the media- movies, actors & their pets, then the public wants the same. Unfortunately, for labs, the cute labs we see on commercials have done them an injustice. People allow those litters and if they aren't yellow or whatever desired color they want & they can't sell them then they get dumped or killed. On a national rescue site - there are close to 300,000 homeless animals. Over 21,000 of those are labs- by far the highest number. After the movie 101 Dalmations came out, the same thing happened. 25% of the dogs in shelters and rescues are pure breeds. The answer is to spay & neuter, shut down puppy mills and be either a responsible pet owner or don't get a pet. Sounds like you are a very responsible pet owner and you're right - it's not that difficult to be one. Compassionate people don't choose between people and pets. They help both.

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