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Young guerilla artists leave their marks downtown

Saw the kids out and about, it looked like they were having a great time!

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St. Patrick's Day parade

Nicely done, thanks!

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Thousands turn out for annual St. Patrick's Day Parade

Great Day for a Parade! Pics I took I put here for anyone interested:

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New two-lane Wakarusa roundabout may be a little confusing at first, but it's safer, city official says

I know I'm asking a lot but if people did what they were supposed to and use their indicators in a roundabout it would be helpful.

Lots of info here:

Q8: I'm driving in a multilane roundabout. How do I choose which lane to enter and exit?
A8: In general, approach a multilane roundabout the same way you would approach any
other intersection. If you want to turn left, use the left-most lane and signal that you
intend to turn left. If you want to turn right, use the right-most lane and signal that you
intend to turn right. To go straight through the intersection you can generally use either
lane unless signs and/or pavement markings indicate otherwise. In all cases, pass
counterclockwise around the central island. When preparing to exit, turn on your right
turn signal as you pass the exit before the one you want to use.

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What’s the lowest price of gas you can remember?

I worked in a gas station too when I was 16. Back then in 78 it was about .55 - .60 / gallon. I remember when it started approaching a dollar. I never though it would get there. When it did, our pumps were mechanical so we had no way of putting a dollar on the pump. We had to half the price on the pump then double the cost. Working during the second gas crisis was not fun either. Odd and even plates and long lines and very cranky people. I also had to do the oil checking, windshield washing and tire pressure checking. Our station also did repairs. This was in New Jersey were they still don't allow people to pump their own gas.

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Opinion: Climate change as a moral issue

CFC's haven't been used in aerosol cans since 1978. I'm amazed people still don't know this.

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Zombies roar through downtown Lawrence while hundreds watch

Great Job Zombies! I put my photos here for anyone interested:

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Lawrence's Red Lyon Tavern, a haven for soccer folk, gears up for World Cup

There may be other places to go downtown that show soccer games. There are none with a staff that shares the same passion for the game as the patrons though. At the Lyon they open early to show soccer games not just show them when they are open.

It was midnight when the MLS cup arrived, the Red Lyon was so packed you could hardly move around. In my almost 40 years of being a soccer fan, I can't remember having a better time in a better place with a better group of people.

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