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Opinion: Climate change as a moral issue

CFC's haven't been used in aerosol cans since 1978. I'm amazed people still don't know this.

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Zombies roar through downtown Lawrence while hundreds watch

Great Job Zombies! I put my photos here for anyone interested:

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Lawrence's Red Lyon Tavern, a haven for soccer folk, gears up for World Cup

There may be other places to go downtown that show soccer games. There are none with a staff that shares the same passion for the game as the patrons though. At the Lyon they open early to show soccer games not just show them when they are open.

It was midnight when the MLS cup arrived, the Red Lyon was so packed you could hardly move around. In my almost 40 years of being a soccer fan, I can't remember having a better time in a better place with a better group of people.

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Fix-It Chick: Replace a cast-iron pipe

I have to agree with everything you said. My dad was a master plumber and I worked with him for years. Back when we use to install this type of pipe, tucking in oakum and pouring the lead. These pipes are deceptively heavy, even small sections.

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Tuesday snow storm

Great shots!

Some I took yesterday before shoveling, the heavy wet stuff.

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South Middle School announces honor roll students

Congrats to all the hard studying kids, fantastic job!

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Employee at Sprint retailer arrested for allegedly stealing $5K in phones

That's like what six i-phones?

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