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What's your favorite breed of dog?

I like all dogs for the most part but right now we have a couple of Corgies. They are pretty awesome!

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Kansas University Band Day parade

What a great day for a parade! A phenomenal amount of time, dedication and effort goes into being in a marching band. Well done everyone! I put some photos I took yesterday up here: feel free to share if you see someone you know:

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Pet World fire kills many small animals; python, some others survive

I hope they can save as many animals as possible, this is horrible. The birds in particular are very susceptible to the smoke and fumes, I really hope they got them out as soon as they could.

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Young guerilla artists leave their marks downtown

Saw the kids out and about, it looked like they were having a great time!

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St. Patrick's Day parade

Nicely done, thanks!

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Thousands turn out for annual St. Patrick's Day Parade

Great Day for a Parade! Pics I took I put here for anyone interested:

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New two-lane Wakarusa roundabout may be a little confusing at first, but it's safer, city official says

I know I'm asking a lot but if people did what they were supposed to and use their indicators in a roundabout it would be helpful.

Lots of info here:

Q8: I'm driving in a multilane roundabout. How do I choose which lane to enter and exit?
A8: In general, approach a multilane roundabout the same way you would approach any
other intersection. If you want to turn left, use the left-most lane and signal that you
intend to turn left. If you want to turn right, use the right-most lane and signal that you
intend to turn right. To go straight through the intersection you can generally use either
lane unless signs and/or pavement markings indicate otherwise. In all cases, pass
counterclockwise around the central island. When preparing to exit, turn on your right
turn signal as you pass the exit before the one you want to use.

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