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Man charged with aggravated assault in pistol-whipping at pool hall

True, I use the range (and have a CCH permit), the door is marked. I just bring everything in in range bag. They mention this during the safety training at the range too. The link I posted above applies to CCH permit holders only. It's in the title of the article.

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Michael Paull of Pickett, Paull and Jeans provides some of the entertainment as he plays his guitar

Great shot! What a great musician Michael is. He's also a talented teacher at Americana Music, my son enjoys his lessons with Michael.

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Lawrence woman reports waking up to burglar in her bedroom

Even though I have my CCH and home defense weapon, I'd hate to have to use it. I wouldn't hesitate to protect my family though. My dogs are a good deterrent I'm sure. They freak out when someone comes to the door. I know not everyone likes or can have a dog but even a little one can make a lot of noise.

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Police seeking southwest Lawrence burglary suspect

Yet another reason to have a dog. Even a small one will make enough noise to either scare them away or wake you up. My dogs freak out when the UPS guy comes. I realize not everyone wants or can have dogs though.

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Do you think moving in together before marriage will later prevent divorce?

Well put. "Prevent" is too strong a word I think. Reduce the likelihood would be a better choice of words. I've been married 23 years, so far so good.

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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Tribute / Benefit for Van Go Mobile Arts -- 02/11/12 at Bottleneck

What a fun night, all the bands were stellar! I took a bunch of photos and put them on my site here:

Just for fun!

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Kansas Senate leader rejects bill to allow guns on college campuses

KansasKansan - Nicely put and well thought out thanks.

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Behind the Lens: Things photographers don’t want to hear

I was wondering what happened when they took the camera down, that was at the Texas game right? bummer.

When people tell me I must have a great camera after looking at one of my shots, I like to tell this joke:

"Once upon a time a photographer was invited to have dinner at the home of a nice couple. During dinner the wife comments to the photographer “Your pictures are beautiful. You must have a great camera.” The photographer nods politely.

After finishing dinner the photographer comments to the wife “That was a fine meal. You must have some great pots!"

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