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What’s the most you’d be willing to pay for a college education?

You tell me, Bea. I'm guessing you're old enough.

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What’s the most you’d be willing to pay for a college education?

For the record: I did not get in a fight.

That was taken at the Dillon's on Mars.

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Baby Storm: Is gender freedom abuse or blessing?

A few thoughts on what these parents are doing...

99.99999% of the world lives in a world where gender is at least an aspect of identity and belonging. A child who grows up with no reference for his/her own gender will experience the social equivalent of growing up on a diet free of protein. Socially, something "normal" in the human experience would be completely missing. I think - if these parents "succeed" - that this child will grow up with all kinds of "issues".

I have to say that this is either neglect or abuse (it's hard to say which) because they are actively seeking to deprive the child of the natural experience of discovering a meaningful aspect of who they are.

It doesn't matter: it'll soon be public knowledge what's between the child's legs, and society will do what his/her parents won't do.

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KU police investigating reports of man peeking into women's showers at residence halls

It appears to me that he's building a "tolerance" for it. In spite of the obvious risks, he's increasing the frequency of his behaviors in order to make up for the declining "buzz" he gets from it.

He'll either seek treatment or he'll escalate his behaviors to something more intense: prostitution, rape or some other form of perpetration.

Dude, if you are reading this, I'm speaking from experience when I say that you *won't* be able to stop yourself at some point, and you won't know where that point is until you've gone past it. Seek help.

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Anna Undercover: We're Engaged!

Congratulations! This will be a transformative journey for you both.

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Local Pastor featured on CNN on "The Elephant in the Pews" that is Porn

I'm flattered to hear that my amateur faux pas gave the impression that it might have been a professional faux pas. I'll try to screw up this well in the future.

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KU's Watkins, the first scholarship hall in the nation, to celebrate 150th birthday of benefactor

Can anyone here sing the words to the Watkins Hall song? I can:

There's a girl with the light of the stars in her eyes.
And her hair is the gold of the sun in the sky.
I love her so, may she ever remain,
My sweetheart on Lilac Lane.

It was written with soprano and alto parts. Some friends of mine found a cassette tape in the attic of Watkins hall somewhere around 1990 that had this song on it.

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Lawrence software company Saavi Accountability helps monitor online addictions

Many of these posts are turning this into a moral issue and a privacy issue. For some, keeping porn out of their homes is a matter of morality, but for others it's a matter of freedom from something that many, like myself, have found enslaving.

Think of it this way. I like french fries. No one would argue the morality of eating fries. We are all free to enjoy fries, if that is our choice. But what if I am a food addict, and my main weakness becomes french fries? Would anyone criticize me if I put an app on my iPhone that sends a text message to an accountability partner when I pull into the McDonald's parking lot? I'm now 500 lbs and my wife has left me because she can't stand to be in second place behind curly fries.

Would anyone criticize my decision to allow others to snoop on me so I can gain freedom from the siren call of fried foods? Would they make comments about privacy and self-righteous agendas, or would they empathize with my need for help?

Men who would like help with their porn problem can find help here:

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Lawrence software company Saavi Accountability helps monitor online addictions

It is my experience that when someone is motivated enough, they will, given enough time, find a work-around for a program like this if they wish to. But, in those cases, you have to ask: is this person on board with idea of accountability software in the first place. Your typical user isn't being forced to use the software under duress; but is using the software because they admit that they have compulsive behaviors. If I have a teenage son who doesn't share my values about porn, he may discover and exploit a work-around, but most adults are not going to "ask" for the software AND constantly seek to circumvent it at the same time.

Your comments about being able to quit "if it is truly your choice" isn't true when a person is ADDICTED. You need some form of assistance if you are going to beat an addiction.

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