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Dispute erupts at Wal-Mart over ear-piercing of young girl

oh, my. back in kansas again. the place where i was circumcised as a little girl... i went to school in lawrence & was raised in KCKS. i didn't get my ears pierced until i was 21 - in CA - it was my decision & it didn't hurt because they used ICE to numb the ear before they did it... does walmart not have ice?

at any rate, i sure didn't ask to be circumcised and i wish that it had not been done. after discovering my loss, working on healing the trauma, and writing a book about it, i have come to the conclusion that power--over is the worst thing we can do to anyone. it is in making someone feel powerless that there is trauma. I lived decades furious with my mother and angry with doctors - without understanding why until i found out the story - then i could finally let it go and live in peace. all those years. what a waste. i wish it had never been done.

the quality of life issue is, to me, the danger of forcing children, especially infants, to endure pain that we as adults would not choose for ourselves. i know few adults who would elect genital cutting for themselves. yes, it would be called 'assault & battery' if done to an adult & - heck! - it would be a crime if done to a dog or cat.

i see there are still people in kansas who do not see the logic of allowing children autonomy, but i would urge them to explore the possibility of doing whatever they do with love, rather than using force. love is a very very old idea.... and a very very new idea... and it seems like a huge improvement over forcing things, ever. power-over is the error. love is what we have been advised. power-over begets fear and fear is the root of all mental and physical stress, distress, and dis-ease.

someday we will look back at all the things we do to children and weep. we will not be able to imagine we didn't listen to them. we will be so sorry we ignored them. as the good doctor karl menninger said, "What society does to children, children will do to society."

be kind to your children and love them well and they will love you forever.

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