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Lawrence to honor teens who intervened in attack

Not to mention that if the attacker had gotten away with it, that young lady may not have been the last to be attacked. It's too bad someone has to have the welcome to America that she did.

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Phelps church prepares for U.S. Supreme Court case

There aren't any sympathetic conservatives. Ol' Fred is an embarrassment to us all.

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Gore accused of sex misconduct

The Bible says not to condemn a man except by two or more witnesses. Let's wait until there are more women saying this or he goes off an marries this one. Al Gore? Get real. And I don't even like his politics. But aren't we anxious to believe the worst?

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KU football player dismissed from team after attempted armed robbery Friday morning

I don't understand. These guys played football at KU. In Lawrence the term Football Player means "Hero". These two men attended college. They probably had futures. WHAT is WRONG with people?

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Feeding the masses: Lawrence restaurants offer discounts to church crowd

I'll bet Mrs. Anonymous is proud of her kiddies today. Whiney little victims that everyone is out to get. My apologies to all to whom that doesn't apply.

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Feeding the masses: Lawrence restaurants offer discounts to church crowd

I lost my favorite restaurant a few years ago (Mr. Steak). They gave all kinds of discounts. I talked to the manager once and she said they never averaged more than a $300 a month profit. Maybe Irish has a point. I don't want to lose my favorite restaurant because they are too generous. On the other hand, I like my Senior Discount.

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Feeding the masses: Lawrence restaurants offer discounts to church crowd

ljreader = LOL

mike_blur I'll give you my bulletin and pick up a couple for other veterans. Thanks.

This thread got long so didn't read everyone. It's not about it being Christian churches. It's about a group of people the restaurant sees there a lot. Church people fill restaurants on Sunday. If Jews fill restaurants on Saturdays, I'll bet you get a discount. It's marketing to nitches.

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Woman detained after allegedly swimming nude in Kansas River

Swimming in that river is dangerous nude or clothed.

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Man charged $23 quadrillion for smokes



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What do I do with ... beets: Simple preparation yields superb side dish

One of you mentioned pickled eggs. I don't see it now. I'm tired I guess. Anyway, I love pickled eggs. I get the jars of pickled beets just to eat them and use the juice for eggs.

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