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Tight rules proposed for KC Pumpkin Patch

Nope ~ just a simple rural person who appreciates a bit of peace & quiet and zoning which keeps the riff-raff like quarries and huge commercial enterprises out. Let me know when I can set up my pumpkin cannon and stage over by your house instead.

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Tight rules proposed for KC Pumpkin Patch

Most reasonable folks would agree on a restriction against their neighbor blasting loud music and using "pumpkin cannons". I'm sure Armstrong wouldn't object, though, if you wanted to open up shop next to his house. He'd probably welcome a new Woodstock even as anything that generates revenue must be a boon to any neighborhood.

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GOP's 2012 vice presidential candidate Ryan to raise funds for Brownback

Still waiting for details on that tax plan of his....

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Paul Davis makes it official: He's running for governor

It's noteworthy that some of those here who are minimizing Davis' chance of defeating Brownback are the very ones who predicted a Romney/Ryan landslide.
Until the Republican party distances themselves from the Teabaggers and the theocrats and the Kochs it'll be my pleasure to vote against Brownback in the primary, and to vote for Davis in the election. It's simply naive to think that Brownback has lockstep support within his party at this point.

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Kansas to reimpose work requirement for food assistance

So, let's see: Keeping farmers solvent by paying them not to work = win/win. No need to scrutinize them in any manner.
Keeping needy people, including children, from starving = dangerous welfare. Better make them jump through hoops.
Good to see where your priorities lie.

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Kansas to reimpose work requirement for food assistance

If this work requirement is such a good idea then it's also good government to require the (often wealthy, non-means-tested) farmers who receive subsidies be subject to drug testing and vocational re-training so we can get them off the welfare rolls and off the backs of the taxpayers. Let's start with Brownback.

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Opinion: Obama’s request reluctant, positive

Too bad this discussion isn't interesting enough for John McCain, who had the poor judgement to pass time during the Syria hearing playing I-Phone poker.

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Local growers await farm bill reauthorization

"Those programs that are most likely to be of a benefit are those that require something in return for that benefit."
Yeah, there's no benefit to raising well-nourished children and keeping low-income families stable and intact and we get nothing in return from that. Improving a wealthy farmer's bottom line clearly benefits us all.

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Local growers await farm bill reauthorization

Yep ~My point is that we all benefit to some extent from these programs ~ just as we as a society all benefit from helping the poorest and most disadvantaged. But to regard industry bailouts as evil and assisting the most needy as encouraging an entitlement mentality all the while receiving funds to plant ~ or not plant, as the case may be ~ reeks of hypocrisy. If this trickle-down economics is real, then it goes to prove that removing the welfare component of farming will reduce our tax burden and thus put more money into the economy ~ or does that only apply to government programs that assist the neediest among us? Consistency, please.

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Local growers await farm bill reauthorization

I'd suspect that most of these folks believe welfare is welfare and socialism is socialism ~ until it's their check in the mail, then it's essential and good government ~ unlike a minimum wage, which is outright unamerican. But to answer your question, maybe you'd best ask wealthy farmer Brownback, as his family's farm has sucked several hundreds of thousands of dollars from the taxpayers over the years.

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