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40 graffiti counts filed against defendant in Lawrence’s ‘rush’ vandalism case

Make him clean it all off with a toothbrush and some good old fashioned elbow grease!

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'It can wait': Lawrence woman shares a cautionary tale about texting and driving

"I won't get in the car with someone who is messing with their phone," she said. "I even have to get on my mom about it. I'll say, 'You already almost lost me.'"

Unfortunately, many will not heed or learn from warnings, reenactments and the stories of others who also did not heed until they hurt themselves or another, as is told in this story. Miss Allensworth's account is her own mother still messes with her phone despite her daughter's experience.

It's sad to see so many people's lives changed over a text that could wait. If it's a pressing matter, pull over to address it. No text is worth being crippled or killed over.

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Five people injured in three-car crash on K-10, Highway Patrol says

We've seen quite a few people go around the barricades to make left hand turns or go straight across. We wondered when this would happen. I sure hope no one else is injured or worse.

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Sister City exchange students share favorite memories of Lawrence visit

I hosted 4 girls this year, my 3rd year with the program. We have so much fun every year! The experiences these kids have through this program are priceless.

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Kansas regulation of massage industry might help prevent sex crimes, some leaders say

Bob, you're right. I should've worded that differently as most guys that are inappropriate during a massage are married. Sad but true.

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Kansas regulation of massage industry might help prevent sex crimes, some leaders say

As a Certified Massage Therapist, NOT a masseuse, I am in favor of regulating and licensing massage therapists. We work hard to shed the idea that massage therapy is a sexually oriented business. I don't know how many times legitimate massage therapists have been asked to give "sensual" massage or "happy endings", it angers us to no end!

We (legitimate Certified Massage Therapists) are here to treat muscles in the client who is an athlete, a stay-at-home mom, who has an older muscle injury, medical issues that can be treated with massage, we are NOT for some guy who can't find a date. You even bring up sex during a session, the session IMMEDIATELY stops and you'll pay full price for the massage and will never again be allowed to book a massage in our office. Period.

Mr. Heckler, first thing I want you to know is I am NOT a supporter of Brownback. I really want regulation in the state of Kansas, however, I know it won't happen. If they won't even require licensure for Conceal Carry, they sure as heck aren't going to regulate this. That administration is so backwards it's just ridiculous.

Licensure would require anyone who wants to open a massage therapy office to have training from an accredited school, as well as be Board Certified, and to have the continued training needed to maintain that Board Certification. Licensure would also require CPR and First-Aid training. We massage therapists are tired of being looked at as part of some sexually oriented business. I will gladly pay any licensure fees required for that to help rid this state of these nasty places that give Certified Massage Therapists a bad name.

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Lawrence schools: Five senior Free State students identified as vandals

They weren't arrested because it wasn't considered a hate crime.

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Local agencies want to make it easier for kids to walk or bike to school

Laura Wilson, I agree with you. I don't want my children riding their bikes to school. I am a bike rider myself so I've seen the way people pay attention to bike riders, they often don't. People don't even pay attention at cross walks in this town. When coming home from school with my daughter who was riding her bike, I went with my gut and crossed first. I'm glad I did. This woman drove through the crosswalk and almost took me out. I was halfway across. Had my daughter been in the cross walk ahead of me this woman would have run her over. I've almost been hit on the crosswalks downtown where they are very clearly marked. A friend of mine has almost bit hit several times at the crosswalk she has to cross to get to her house.

I don't want to get a phone call some afternoon from the police telling me my daughter has been hit and killed while she was riding her bike to school. I'd rather be inconvenienced and drive them or walk with them to keep them safe.

The city puts these roundabouts in with the foliage in the center or leading up to the roundabout and it makes it hard to see pedestrians. The one by Theatre Lawrence is a good example. The family and I were crossing the street from West to East and we surprised and were surprised by a driver. Scared the heck out of me and the kids. For some reason the people planning these things didn't seem to take into account pedestrians when they planned these things and most people in this town don't know how to properly navigate a roundabout anyway, and no, drivers don't just yield to the left. They're supposed to use their blinkers so pedestrians and drivers know where they are going.

I like Richard Heckler's idea of the Pedestrian/Cyclists over pass.

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Longtime bait shop still lures in fishermen

Google says it's in Baldwin.

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City delays action on proposed roundabout on Wakarusa Drive

Actually, the story I gave with the picture I showed the City Commissioners last night was a semi-truck with a large flatbed trailer full of house building materials had no choice but to take out part of the retaining wall in the center of the roundabout at George Williams Way and Harvard. The roundabout is too small for these large trucks to navigate around without having to take out the retaining wall that houses all the landscaping. While the centers of the roundabouts are very pretty, they become a problem for the larger vehicles like the semi-truck. It had nothing to do with a driver who didn't navigate it correctly, he had no choice.

Chad Lawhorn, if you could correct that I would much appreciate it. Thanks!

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