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City delays action on proposed roundabout on Wakarusa Drive

Actually, the story I gave with the picture I showed the City Commissioners last night was a semi-truck with a large flatbed trailer full of house building materials had no choice but to take out part of the retaining wall in the center of the roundabout at George Williams Way and Harvard. The roundabout is too small for these large trucks to navigate around without having to take out the retaining wall that houses all the landscaping. While the centers of the roundabouts are very pretty, they become a problem for the larger vehicles like the semi-truck. It had nothing to do with a driver who didn't navigate it correctly, he had no choice.

Chad Lawhorn, if you could correct that I would much appreciate it. Thanks!

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100 years ago: Lawrence visitor observes unusual number of 'jay-drivers'

Jay-Drivers. Like jay-walkers but behind the wheel of a car, or as this article said back then, "machines".

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No concealed carry in Lawrence schools

I agree that armed security is a good idea in schools, the problem is they don't have them in every school. They have them in the middle schools/junior highs and the high schools, but not the elementary schools. They need to hire security for the elementary schools and if they aren't willing to do that, the schools need some way of defending themselves against someone who may have a gun, otherwise you have the situation Newtown had. Had an armed security officer been there the outcome may have been very different.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Lawrence's March Madness of 1912

"Although the paper didn’t say so, I assume with a 19-inch snowstorm approaching, the first meeting of the Douglas County Tow Truck Association also met to celebrate with lobster and caviar. " Hahahaha! That's fantastic!

"But even more interesting was what happened to the sidewalks. Get this: They actually were shoveled, and I don’t even think the city had an ordinance saying they had to be.

“Everywhere one could see men and boys shoveling off the snow fall, for almost everyone seemed to realize that it would be impossible for those to walk who were compelled to be out, unless everyone did their share toward clearing the walk.”

Quite a thought that."

Indeed, quite a thought that. I miss the days when people were considerate of others just because it was automatic and not because they were forced to be. Gone are the days when common courtesy and common sense, and respect ruled the day. It's a sad thing that people are more concerned about what's in it for them, rather than how they can help their fellows citizens.

This was a great article! Very well done!

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Nursery business files plans to open farmers' market in West Lawrence

blindrabbit....we "westsiders" do have lives. Very good lives in fact. The fact that you feel compelled to post a juvenile type negative comment suggests that maybe you're life needs a little uplifting. Studies show that people who "tear down" others are doing so for a variety of reasons including, family life, peer pressure, being surrounded by people who have low standards and adopting those standards themselves, as well as other reasons.

I certainly hope that you find something much more constructive to do with your time than to choose to bully others with your negative comments.

Maybe this will help:

I'd also encourage you to seek help for your negative mindset. You'll be a much happier person and be a better asset to society instead of a hindrance. I certainly hope you have a much better day!

Peartree...High schools parking lots are a good idea. However, I wonder if there are restrictions on what kinds of things the parking lots can be used for (i.e. only school related things)?

I certainly hope they have a farmer's market in West Lawrence on Wednesday evenings as it would give Lawrence and surrounding communities more opportunities to buy locally grown produce. I try to support small businesses as much as I can when it comes to "farming" as I'm a farmer's daughter, have my own garden, and know how time and labor intensive it is to produce good, healthy produce.

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Mono-dramatic: Jayhawks sloppy in new jerseys

Not a fan of the uniforms. They made them look like smurfs!

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Sound Off: Armed guards in school

What about security at the elementary schools? Why aren't security officers there on a full time basis?

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Lecompton Chihuahua recovering from Rottweiler attack, dog lovers helping with vet bills

It's not the dog breed, riverdrifter, it's the human that interacts with the dog. It's the uneducated individuals who don't understand that what they do directly impacts the dog, no matter the breed.

Here it is: "The former rescue dog had a history of abuse from a previous owner...".

Any dog that has suffered abuses is going to suffer some ill effects from it. Please do the dog world a favor and educate yourself on dog behavior vs human behavior before you make the ignorant comment that whole breeds need to be "discontinued". As someone who trains dogs and works with behavior modification for over 25 years I'd be happy to help with your education.

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Former Wellsville police officer pleads not guilty in animal cruelty case

Maybe he could've shot the cat instead of beating it? Quick and painless since he was an officer and would or should know how to shoot effectively.

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