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Kansas Athletics Inc. has recovered almost $500K from tickets scandal

20,000 tickets (rounding up), 2 million, that's $100 per ticket. That has to be in the ballpark. Do you think they can't count tickets, or do you think a ticket is worth a lot more than $100?

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Keegan: Chicagoan targeted by Self

Keegan, next time you google a name put QUOTES around it ! Derrick Rose gets 2,950,000 entries, "Derrick Rose" gets 22,800 entries : big difference, huh ? Especially when you realize every AP story shows up on 200 different sites.

I live in Paris and believe me, journalists all over the world omit the quotes and come up with unbelievable and completely misleading numbers.
By the way, "Sherron Collins" gets 29,700 entries, "Mario Chalmers" gets 58,600 and "Tom Keegan" 25,300 ! By this reasoning, Self should recrute you instead; got any eligibility left ?

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