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Strong response

The Mainstream Media likes to gloss over the fact that the US Embassies are on US soil and should be treated as a direct attack on our country. Granted, these attacks don't merit the same response as 9/11/2001, but they do merit a strong, yet focused, military response.

Obama's administration is the parent that refuses to truly punish their kids, but tries idle threats, talking it out, or time outs. Sooner or later, the kids walk all over the parents.

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Republican presidential hopefuls turn their attention to Kansas

Romney's the only one with an organized campaign and credentials of fixing everything he touches. Santy can complain all he wants about Romneycare, but the people of Mass still favor it. The evangelicals are still holding onto bigoted views against Mormons, which is why he's having trouble getting them onboard.

I'd like to believe that the education level in our County will leave out Newt and Santy. I like Paul, but his foreign policy is unrealistic. Mitt is the only logical choice.

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Mormons and Jews

A couple corrections for you:

Mormons are law-abiding citizens, they are committed to follow the laws of the land.
Mormons are only allowed to be legally married to one person in this life, per US laws.
Mormons still allow polygamy after this life, SO, this occurs when a wife dies and the husband remarries - He is now legally married to his living wife and spiritually married to 2 women. This is the only condoned type of polygamy in the Mormon church.
Mormons believe we have the potential to become like God, having everything he has, so there is no limit on the amount of worlds, so its not just one planet each...
Mormons promote large families because they believe the command given to Adam and Eve to "multiply and replenish the earth" applies to all mankind.
Going on a mission is not a requirement to become like God. Marriage is, Tithing is, having the Priesthood is.

I think I'll stop there with the corrections, but I hope people will just go to and see what Mormons say they believe instead of believing what someone says on a message board.

Yes, I'm Mormon.

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Panhandler gifts are best charity

There are jobs- just look the general jobs listing here on ljworld. The programs I speak of are opportunities to clean themselves up and get them ready to go after a job that wouldn't be "gainful" employment, but would be enough to live from. I question whether they want the jobs enough to pay the price to get them - they have to change and accept a job that probably sucks, but is an honest days work. From what I've seen downtown, panhandling enables them to take the easy way out and scrape along with what is given them.

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Panhandler gifts are best charity

They don't want jobs! They want handouts. There are plenty of services set up to help them get to the point where they can get a job. If they use them, they can become productive members of society.

Of course, there are exceptions to everything: people who lack the mental of physical capacity to get a job need to be taken care of. I'm all for the able-bodied and able-minded people given the services and programs needed to "teach them how to fish".

I'm not as much a fan of the cards, but I do agree that the handouts are enabling these people to get by without getting any real and lasting help.

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Panhandler gifts are best charity

I think we need to expand our giving to the homeless and poor, by teaching men to fish instead of just giving them a fish. I think this new initiative is doing just that, giving them the real help they need, instead giving them something for today - which they will probably spend on alcohol.

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Two Asian restaurants, Mexican grill, shoe store set to join Lawrence dining and retail scene

It was called Bonanza, where Old Chicago is now

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Lawrence students' ACT scores exceed national average

When your parents have degrees, some very advanced degrees, wouldn't that affect the importance students place on education? I bet there's a direct correlation between good ACT scores and level of parents' education.

I wouldn't place all the credit with the school system. We live in a very educated city, where many people have jobs beneath the degree(s) they hold and a high percentage of people have degrees - some very advanced.

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Do you remember what score you got on the ACT?

I got a 17, the first time - when I took it in 7th grade.

The interesting part is that I have an aunt who found out I took it as part of a gifted program and asked what score I got. I said 17 and she looked shocked and said "That's the score I got when I was a Senior in high school". Everyone got real quiet.

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Public voices support for Douglas County tax increase

What kind of antiquated county do we live in? Emails should count just as much as any other mode of communication, even appearing in person. I also stayed home due to the storm and find it ridiculous that, by their comments, the county commissioners are relieved that there was so much support for the increase. This makes me sick. Dirty politicians lining the pockets of their friends.

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