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Wisconsin governor should stand firm

You said Cal, it's time for really great leaders like Calvin Coolidge!

Insuring that all government employees are paid below scale is perhaps the only way to insure that government will not work. and because governtment don't work we shouldn't pay government employees well.

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Creative needs

you and your kind are always atacking me and my beutiful family, your sarcasm is inapporprate and hurts daughters feelings.

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40 years ago: President Nixon proposes health-care changes

Mandating "all businesses to furnish employees with comprehensive health insurance... "I just knew Nixon was an Marxist, socialist, wannabe dictator !

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Creative needs

No, I completely agree with you, I mean every single person learns best out of books and only books (really only the good book). All that learning style hogwash is just a bunch of hooey.

I think you are just like me, we have no learning style at all.

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Creative needs

Boy youre sure shootn straight on that on Fred! I hate to think about all those
American's wasting their time knowing about art. I mean if we want our young people to grow up and make lotsa money coming up with new inventions, why on earth would they need to know a lick about any Da Vinci!

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Statehouse Live: Democrats criticize Republican legislator over 'complexion' remark

I don't really think you can blame O'Brien... I mean she was probably just drunk

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Kansas law change may allow even blind to carry concealed

these words are so little , can't see them anymore, but at least they move to the right

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Dead wild cat found in 2200 block of Bob Billings Parkway

What no respect for the hunter? It's a real trick to keep your truck straight while shooting the big big cat

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Kansas law change may allow even blind to carry concealed

Remember the bible says " Justice is Blind, "

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Critics say Kris Kobach's election fraud bill too drastic

<3 <3 you say drastic, I say DREAMY <3 <3

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