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'K-State' getting new brand

whoa, cool-aid much

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'K-State' getting new brand

, just because you see hippies on campus doesn't mean KU or UK whatever isn't bought and paid for..
You think Art Laffer is coming for fun ( or might he have been invited by Art Hall the Executive Director of the KU Center for Applied Economics and former Chief Economist in the Public Affairs group of Koch Industries, Inc.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas University law professor to help states fight Affordable Care Act before U.S. Supreme Court

oh golly that's more like a "smartgasum" , I mean your statements mr. kik makes perfect sense, I couldn't have xplained your argument any better myself

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Kansas now recognizes West Virginia gun permits

More Guns More Better, that's what I say, how else would I know sombody is a real american, unless the are scared shiftless of people that don't look like them.

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Kansas legislators report on what they learned at ALEC meeting

I lerned that ALEC the the place to go to get plenty of money to run for relecetion and the good folks there even do my homework for me and write all the bills I'm agunna put in

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Shots fired into a crowd and a 100 MPH car chase

dunno whacha mean looks good to I

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Kansas likely to enact health care 'freedom' law

uhg. what''s afrimitive mean? u use tooo many big words

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Police investigating cause of single-vehicle roundabout accident at Lake Pointe Drive and Clinton Parkway

exactly, and that is why the government should not be in the business of building and maintaining roads. that kind of lazyness wouldn't be excepted in the real world. When private companies own all the roads only the good awake people will be using them and that will be much betterer

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Conservative politicians tied to biggest lies

This is redickoulus it is not a lie when a Republican says it ! You just have to look at the meaning of the of the word Republican > Republican > Representative > Represents > Re-presents . get it you take you so called facts an re-present them in the way they need to be heard. duh!

As a posed to democrat you see the democrat party can not tell the truth in any way because it starts with demo just like demon and of course it ends in rat so duh!

it says this in the bible, I read it.

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K-State professor says climate change might worsen weather in next 20 years

I want to see his e-mails right now! but only the ones with words

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