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Letter: Rejecting God

The poor training of humans leads to all sorts of problems. Who here knows the best way to train them?.......How are government people doing at training them? Is the government training them well in their schools?....

I guess if you cannot train them well. The best thing to do is take away from them, anything they could hurt themselves with....

The only problem is, who trained the people that are taking away the things people might hurt themselves with?

This sounds like a dilemma when there is no one in charge. Or when there are no guide posts for people to follow....even if there were guide posts....who made the guide posts.....?...another government person?.....who trained that government person that wrote the guide posts/....?

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Letter: Weapons tax

Exit taxes should be a money maker for the government people. If you live in California and want to move to lower taxing state like Idaho, whatever California debt is, divide it by the number of residents an bill it to exiting residents.

Remember, Obama said you didn't build that. So you owe for what the government has done for you.

*Government debts are accrued on your behalf by elected officials for whom you had a chance to vote, all supposedly representing your interests. In a democracy, all citizens are obliged to pay the government's bills as determined by the duly empowered taxing authorities - regardless of whether they voted for a particular officeholder or not. What's to stop legislators from passing laws that make debt obligations due and payable by any citizen who decides to leave for another jurisdiction? After all, they don't hesitate to take your money when you die...*

*And can't you just see the progressive commentariat lining up behind a movement designed to deter well-heeled blue state residents from seeking refuge in those despicable red hinterlands?*


*Exit taxes imposed on emigrants have a long history, including their use in both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. They were imposed under the theory that, since citizens were educated by the government and were either provided benefits or allowed to profit from jobs and business held while living under the government's protection, they were obligated to pay back some of that money on their way out.*

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Letter: Weapons tax

Anything for the government elites to take your money. They will say and do anything to take it.

I think underlings should give everything they make to the government elites and let them dole it out as they see fit.

*The government official on the frontlines of the scandal involving a wasteful government conference, U.S. General Services Administration regional commissioner Jeffrey Neely, will invoke his 5th amendment*

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Opinion: Low voter turnout not a problem

Posters on this web site notwithstanding of course.

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Letter: Multiple myths

That would be the Low Information Sheeple that voted !Obama!

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Kansas closes roads because of storm

I love SUVs!

Howz those greenie cars working today? Like the Priuses's and Smart'y pants snow pups?

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Opinion: Low voter turnout not a problem

Also, forgot to mention that one side of the duopoly is mostly Low Information voters. ergo..Obama wins.

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Opinion: Syrian chemical weapon threat grows

agreed....but why...? Petrodollar

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Opinion: Syrian chemical weapon threat grows

Another WMD scare tactic meme. The real reason for what is about to happen.....?...Petrodollar.

*There's been a lot of conflict in the Middle East. And most of it has to do with the petrodollar.*

*Take Iran, for example. The country is undergoing a bout of hyperinflation. This came about because of the pressing sanctions the West placed on Iran. But it's not the only way America is trying to control the country.*

*America is rapidly expanding its presence in hotspots such as Syria, because the country is aligned with Iran and is anti-petrodollar. By trying to control Syria, the U.S., by extension, is trying to control Iran.*

*Now, our government wants you to believe we’re in Syria because of Iran's nuclear capabilities. But we think something more sinister is at play*...and now "WMD"

*The U.S. is punishing Iran for trying to abandon the petrodollar.*

*This is not unprecedented. The U.S. government took down Saddam Hussein when he tried to do the same thing. It also took down Libya when Gaddafi, a U.S. puppet, turned on the U.S. and threatened to issue gold dinars. That's why the U.S. blew up Libya's water system and left 70% of the population without water.*

*These are actions our government takes to try to control other countries when it feels threatened. It's clear that our administration is worried about something. And that something is our dollar’s standing in the global economy.*

Charles Del Valle
Managing Editor, Strategic Investment

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Letter: Gun access

91 Bravo/Delta, 25th not as insane as the character played on line...

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